Friday, 4 June 2010

Holiday Break

Hello, there's no Top 5 today as I've been down in Cornwall all week. If you're reading this you must either be really bored at work or as anal about this whole Top 5 thing as I am. Either way, thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.

OK, seeing as you bothered here's a secret Top 5 just for you.

Top 5 Topics I'm planning to write but haven't had time to complete yet

1. Top 5 Pubs I Have Drunk In - Still so much research to complete.

2. Top 5 Stupid Things I Have Done - Not sure I can quite face up to this yet.

3. Top 5 Seaside Resorts - As requested by my brother-in-law. Feel I'm a bit shy on Northern resorts and want to present a balanced argument.

4. Top 5 Paper Aeroplane Designs - I've only got three contenders.

5. Top 5 Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars I owned - Need to take some pictures.


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