Saturday, 12 May 2012

Music Diary 2012 - Day 6

Mrs Top Five was out for the morning doing sporty things with son 1, so I had a list of jobs to get on with whilst looking after son 2. I'd read that quite a few other Music Diarists were listening to the remaster of "Loveless" which is an album I'd not played in a very long time. I never got into My Bloody Valentine at the time and when I did eventually buy a copy of "Loveless" on CD it didn't bowl me over. I fired up Grooveshark on the PC and gave it another go. Still not really my thing, but I think I'll stick a copy on my nano and see if the occasional track via shuffle helps me appreciate it a little more.
"Only Shallow"
"To Here Knows When"
"When You Sleep"
"I Only Said"
"Come in Alone"
"Blown a Wish"
"What You Want"

Next I took a look through my music favourites on Grooveshark and decided on the always listenable Pegasvs, a spanish band I know very little about but have enjoyed a great deal since being recommended them by @Nebuchanezer on Twitter.
"El final de la noche"
"No Volvera"
"La Melodia Del Afilador"
"Sobre Las Olas"
"Hasta el Horizonte"
"Sol de Medianoche"

Cleaning up after lunch in the kitchen I stuck the radio on and got a bit of Liz Kershaw's show on 6music.
"Everything Goes My Way" - Metronomy
"Blister In The Sun" - Violent Femmes
"Dark Star" - Polica
"ABC" - Jackson Five
"Night & Day" - Hot Chip
"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd

I had a fairly busy afternoon and didn't get another chance to play music until I cleared up after tea. This time it was the Craig Charles Funk & Soul show on 6music, not my favourite, so I channel hopped for a bit until settling on Planet Rock with Alice Cooper.
"All The Young Dudes" - Mott The Hoople
"Unskinny Bop" - Poison
"Stranglehold" - Ted Nugent
"Bargain" - The Who

While the kids watched the Britain's Got Talent Final upstairs, Mrs Top Five and I watched an old episode of New Tricks. When that was done we flicked through and caught a little of an old Top Of The Pops show which featured Legs & Co. dancing to something dreadful, The Four Tops and Leo Sayer. With nothing else really taking my fancy and Mrs Top Five deciding to reclaim our bed from the boys, I hit the red button and found the Cerys Matthews show from last Sunday. Recently I have found I've been less able to listen live but I do normally catch up some time during the week. This meant I'd missed Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy play live on the morning that I went to see them at the Union Chapel, so I was keen to hear that at least before the catch-up option disappeared.

I listened to the first couple of tracks but the Bryan Ferry tune was awful so I decided to skip ahead to the second hour of the show.
"Yei Baa Gbe Wo" Hedzoleh Soundz
"You Are My Sunshine" Bryan Ferry

This brought me round in time to hear Toots & The Maytals brilliant version of Louie Louie followed by that live session. I suspect Trembling Bells are proving a little difficult for some Bonnie 'Prince' Billy fans to enjoy, but they sounded pretty amazing to me again. I think I snoozed off sometime after the session (I took the tracklisting from the BBC website) but I'm sure it all made some impact on my sub-concious mind.
"Louie Louie" Toots & The Maytals
"I Can Tell You're Leaving" (Live) Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy
"My Husband's Got No Courage In Him" (Live) Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy
"Riding" (Live) Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy
"I've Been Watching You" Southside Movement
"Just A Closer Walk With Thee" Mahalia Jackson
"He Made A Woman Out Of Me" Bettye LaVette
"St Louis Bound" Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers
"See My Jumper Hanging On The Line" R.L. Burnside
"Tosta Mista" Hooded Fang
"Legend" Huun Hur Tu & Angelite Bulgarian Singers
"Wind Blown Waltz" Giant Giant Sand


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