Friday, 20 September 2013

Top 5 Songs of 2013 - August/September

I know it's not the end of September yet but I've already got 5 songs I like and I'm going to see one of these bands live next week so wanted to give them a plug.

1. Kiran Leonard "Dear Lincoln" - A short, sharp, piano led burst of off kilter pop that deserves to kick start his career. He's very young (and wrote this song when he was even younger) and plays more or less all the instruments on his soon to be released debut album.

2. Piskie Sits "Viktoria Plzeň" - Possibly inspired by Czech football team, FC Viktoria Plzeň's progress to the UEFA Champions League, though the lyrics seem to be more about unrequited love. Piskie Sits have been around for quite a few years but if Football Focus get hold of this before Viktoria Plzeň face Manchester City again, this could become a huge terrace anthem.

3. Giant Burger "Fridges" - Giant Burger are the band I'm off to see next week. I'm not entirely sure how I discovered them but they're doing something very interesting that lies somewhere between punk, prog and pop. They're supporting Trojan Horse at The Sebright Arms next Wednesday and you should definitely go.

4. Telegram "Follow" - By far the longest track on offer this time round, clocking in at an "epic" 4 minutes 26 seconds. It's got an irresistible riff and a sing along refrain that I can't help joining in with. Smashing stuff.

5. MGMT "Your Life Is A Lie" - Worth watching the video for this one, which does a brilliant job of literally interpreting the lyrics.


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