Friday, 14 February 2014

Chop's Gig Reports - January 2014

No time this week to sort out a top five so here's a couple of links to my first gigs of 2014.

Laura J. Martin at The Sebright Arms - Thursday 16th January 2014 - The start of another gig year and yet another Laura J. Martin gig. Pleasingly The Sebright Arms was sold out and packed out for this SoundsXP promoted show. Less pleasingly, I am abstaining from alcohol for the whole of January which meant I had to eschew the fine selection of beers.

Mogwai at the Royal Festival Hall - Friday 24th January 2014 - Very few things match the buzz of getting a ticket for a sold out show on the day of the gig. I'd kept my eye open for people selling spares but in the end it was the RFH who came to my rescue. Releasing a few extra restricted view tickets the week of the show, and still having some when I finally gave up on finding that last minute front stalls spot. Worked out brilliantly as I had a fantastic spot to see a spectacular gig from.


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