Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Chop's Gig Reports - February & March 2014

I've been distracted by the 70s Album countdown and got behind with my gig post reminders. Here's the latest four, all absolutely cracking nights for many different reasons.

Anaïs Mitchell at The Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall - Tuesday 18th February 2014 - This was the first time I'd seem Anaïs live and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. The Royal Albert Hall is an impressive venue, tonight's show was in the Elgar Room, tucked away on the circle level but still exuding the aura of a posh night out.

Ezra Furman & the Boy-Friends at The Sebright Arms - Wednesday 19th February 2014 - The Day of the Dog was one of my top 5 albums of last year but it doesn't sound like a contemporary 2013 release. When I first heard Tell Em All To Go To Hell I thought it was by some obscure 70s glam act. The album is full of potential hit singles and, to my ears, could easily be a greatest hits compilation. I'm possibly not the best judge of what makes a top selling act but I really can't recommend that record highly enough.

JB & The Wolfmen at The Alleycat Club - Thursday 20th March 2014 - Having stumbled across this venue a few years back when in search of a late night beer after a Jim Jones Revue gig, it's taken me far too long to actually get along to one of these regular Blues From The Crypt evenings. Tonight's event saw four fairly diverse bands stretch the definition of Blues to it's outer limits for the princely sum of three pounds. A bargain if ever I've seen one.

Status Quo & Wilko Johnson at Hammersmith Odeon - Friday 28th March 2014 - Roughly this time last year I saw the classic "Frantic Four" line up of Status Quo live for the first time. It was everything I hoped it could be. Francis Rossi was never going to completely submit to a return to the old Quo long term though and so, for now, this was my last chance to see the greatest live band this country has ever produced and I sure wasn't going to miss it.


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