Friday, 9 January 2015

Top 5 Songs of 2014

I had intended to get my end of year lists done and dusted in December (like every other publication) but time got the better of me once again and, in hindsight, I think I prefer it this way. Loads of songs I thoroughly enjoyed this year, there's a link at the bottom to a much longer playlist, but these five just about edged it. I should make a special mention for Sharon Van Etten who could easily have claimed all five spots for herself but does rather well in my Album of the Year list instead.

1. Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures "Orange Juice" - The Wave Pictures have been ridiculously busy this year and managed to release three or four songs I absolutely loved. This collaboration with Stanley Brinks, former singer & guitarist in Herman D√ľne, came out back in January and has stayed in my head ever since. A corker of a chorus that I can't help but sing along to.

2. Tiny Ruins "Me At The Museum, You In The Winter Gardens" - I first heard this on the Marc Riley show back in early 2013 but it was only officially released this year. It's a truly beautiful song that I wish more people had heard and comes from the equally wonderful album, Brightly Painted One.

3. The Burning Hell "Amateur Rappers" - I'm not usually attracted to a song because of the lyrics but this song manages to find the right balance between being funny and clever and still be a great tune you'll want to listen to again.

4. Micah P. Hinson "The Quill" - Another heart-breaking and beautiful tune with a sublime keyboard introduction that I think Micah plays on a Harmonium he found in his Gran's garage.

5. Metronomy "Love Letters" - Metronomy's 2014 album has been largely over-looked in the end of year lists but I think it's at least as good as The English Riviera. This is the lead single and stand out track for me.

And before you go here's a link to my Twitter based musical advent calendar, 24 songs I enjoyed in 2014 plus John Otway's attempt to claim the Christmas Number 1 slot - Chop's Musical Advent

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