Wednesday, 11 February 2015

50 years of tunes - 1968 - Johnny Cash "At Folsom Prison"

Johnny Cash is one of my favourite artists and you won't find a better example of why than this album, the first of his live prison albums. It's also one of my favourite live albums, the connection Cash makes with the inmates is palpable and many of the songs sound better in this form than the original studio recordings.

1968 - Johnny Cash "At Folsom Prison"

Released: May 1968
Label: Columbia
Producer: Bob Johnston

Side one:
1. "Folsom Prison Blues" (Johnny Cash)
2. "Dark as a Dungeon" (Merle Travis)
3. "I Still Miss Someone" (J. Cash, Roy Cash Jr.)
4. "Cocaine Blues" (T.J. Arnall)
5. "25 Minutes to Go" (Shel Silverstein)
6. "Orange Blossom Special" (Ervin T. Rouse)
7. "The Long Black Veil" (Marijohn Wilkin, Danny Dill)

Side two:
1. "Send a Picture of Mother" (J.Cash)
2. "The Wall" (Harlan Howard)
3. "Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog" (Jack H. Clement)
4. "Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart" (J.Clement)
5. "Jackson" with June Carter (Billy Edd Wheeler, Jerry Leiber)
6. "Give My Love to Rose" with June Carter (J.Cash)
7. "I Got Stripes" (J.Cash, Charlie Williams)
8. "Green, Green Grass of Home" (Curly Putman)
9. "Greystone Chapel" (Glen Sherley)

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