Wednesday, 16 September 2015

50 years of Tunes - 1999 - dEUS "The Ideal Crash"

One of those chance discoveries. I read a very brief but positive review of The Ideal Crash but I really, REALLY, liked the cover so bought a copy without knowing much about the band or hearing any of their music. This seems odd in an era of online streaming and instant downloads but back then it's the sort of thing I did quite a lot.

Initial plays didn't blow me away, it was alright but not amazing, but over time - without any deliberate effort - I noticed that it became one of my most played albums. I think shuffle mode on my iPod had a lot to do with this. I began to pick up odd songs and like them individually so that when I went back and played the album I found I liked every song.

I've only recently started to explore the rest of dEUS' catalogue and though I'm making progress I don't think they've come close to this before or since (though maybe a bit more shuffle play will sort that out too).

I still really like the cover too.

1999 - dEUS "The Ideal Crash"

Released: March 1999
Label: Island
Producer: David Bottrill

Track List:

1. "Put the Freaks Up Front" (dEUS) – 5:14
2. "Sister Dew" (Tom Barman, Craig Ward) – 5:35
3. "One Advice, Space" (Barman, Ward, Kelvin Smits) – 5:46
4. "The Magic Hour" (Barman, Ward) – 5:23
5. "The Ideal Crash" (Barman, Ward, Danny Mommens) – 5:00
6. "Instant Street" (Barman, Ward, Mommens) – 6:15
7. "Magdalena" (Barman, Ward, Mommens) – 4:58
8. "Everybody's Weird" (Barman, Ward) – 4:51
9. "Let's See Who Goes Down First" (Klaas Janzoons, Ward) – 6:23
10. "Dream Sequence #1" (Barman, Ward) – 6:31


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