Friday, 9 October 2015

Collaborative Top 5 - One Hit Wonders - VOTE

Are you all ready for another group top 5? I thought I'd pick a more restrictive subject this time round. I'm not going to get too stuffy on the definition of a one-hit wonder but Wikipedia (see links below) will help you if you're struggling to remember any that you actually liked (it's not all Mr Blobby and Joe Dolce out there).

One-hit wonder definition

List of UK one-hit wonders

List of US one-hit wonders

To vote give me five one-hit wonders by 30th October - if you order them 1 to 5 you'll earn more points for your favourite tunes, if you just give me five they'll score equally - vote via the usual mechanisms (blog comment, Facebook, Twitter or Pub) and I'll compile the list for an early November reveal.

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