Wednesday, 13 May 2015

50 years of tunes - 1981 - The Gun Club "Fire of Love"

Debut album from Jeffrey Lee Pierce fronted original Garage Punks. The Gun Club are one of those bands I was aware of for some time and left me kicking myself when I eventually found out how good they were. A nod to Japandroids who, thanks to their fantastic cover of For The Love Of Ivy, were the catalyst for me finally making the effort to get hold of this album.

1981 - The Gun Club "Fire of Love"

Released: August 1981
Label: Ruby
Producer: Chris Desjardins, Tito Larriva

Side one:
1. "Sex Beat"
2. "Preaching the Blues" (Robert Johnson; arranged by Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
3. "Promise Me"
4. "She's Like Heroin to Me"
5. "For the Love of Ivy" (Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Kid Congo Powers)
6. "Fire Spirit"

Side two:
1. "Ghost on the Highway"
2. "Jack on Fire"
3. "Black Train"
4. "Cool Drink of Water" (Tommy Johnson; traditional, arranged by Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
5. "Goodbye Johnny"

(All songs composed by Jeffrey Lee Pierce; except where indicated)


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