Wednesday, 20 May 2015

50 years of tunes - 1982 - The Fall "Hex Enduction Hour"

It took me a long time to get into The Fall and I've still only scratched the surface but as far as I can tell this is their magnum opus.

1982 - The Fall "Hex Enduction Hour"

Released: March 1982
Label: Kamera
Producer: Grant Showbiz, Mark E. Smith & Richard Mazda

Side one:
1. "The Classical" (The Fall)
2. "Jawbone and the Air-Rifle" (The Fall)
3. "Hip Priest" (The Fall)
4. "Fortress / Deer Park" (Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanlon, Marc Riley, Karl Burns)
5. "Mere Pseud Mag. Ed." (Smith)
6. "Winter (Hostel-Maxi)" (Smith, Scanlon)

Side two:
1. "Winter 2" (Smith, Scanlon)
2. "Just Step S'ways" (Smith)
3. "Who Makes the Nazis?" (Smith)
4. "Iceland" (Smith, Scanlon, Riley, Steve Hanley)
5. "And This Day" (The Fall)

(All lyrics by Mark E Smith)


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