Wednesday, 10 June 2015

50 years of tunes - 1985 - Marillion "Misplaced Childhood"

Misplaced Childhood is a very special album for me. Marillion were one of the first bands I became seriously engaged with and this was the first of their albums I bought on release. It led to me going to my first ever gig and the beginning of my obsession with live music.

1985 - Marillion "Misplaced Childhood"

Released: June 1985
Label: EMI
Producer: Chris Kimsey

Side one:
1. "Pseudo Silk Kimono" 2:15
2. "Kayleigh" 4:04
3. "Lavender" 2:28
4. "Bitter Suite" 5:54
a. "Brief Encounter"
b. "Lost Weekend"
c. "Blue Angel"
d. "Misplaced Rendezvous"
e. "Windswept Thumb"
5. "Heart of Lothian"
a. "Wide Boy"
b. "Curtain Call"

Side two:
6. "Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)" 2:13
7. "Lords of the Backstage" 1:53
8. "Blind Curve" 9:30
a. "Vocal Under a Bloodlight"
b. "Passing Strangers"
c. "Mylo"
d. "Perimeter Walk"
e. "Threshold"
9. "Childhoods End?" 4:33
10. "White Feather" 2:24

(All lyrics written by Fish, all music composed by Mark Kelly, Ian Mosley, Steve Rothery and Pete Trewavas)


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