Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Chop's Book of 2016

Second year in a row I've failed to read enough books to put together a reasonable Top 5 so just a book of the year choice. I have a pile of books to get through and Christmas just made that quite a bit bigger so I'm really going to try and knuckle down and read more in 2017.

I Formed A Band by Eddie Argos

The story of how Eddie Argos formed the band Art Brut with a group of pals and went on to world domination or, at the very least, medium sized indie success. If you're a fan of the band you won't be surprised to hear this is told with Eddie's flair for self deprecating humour.

The story begins with Eddie playing the vacuum cleaner on stage in Poole, and ends up with Art Brut recording Art Brut VS Satan with Black Francis in Salem, Oregon. In between there are a series of some of the funniest rock anecdotes you're likely to read.


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