Sunday, 16 August 2020

Chop’s Journal - 16 Aug 2020

A change of tack. I’ve finally caught up with posts and I think I’m going to drop some of the sections as they don’t add a huge amount to each week and just contribute to me not posting more regularly. I like the idea of keeping this going but so far it’s not really encouraged me to write. 

If you miss the Song of the Week or Music I’m Enjoying sections you’ll find both on my Twitter at the following hashtags;

  • #SOTW every Friday morning
  • #chopsfm every Sunday lunch 

That means this week is particularly light on content as I extended Week E of ChopsA2Z and didn’t do a Top 5 topic. Got a few things coming up with my boys that mean things may be quiet for a while too but hopefully I’ll get back in the swing by early September. 

We did make a visit to the local Pick Your Own farm ostensibly to see the sunflowers but after a week of, much needed, rain they weren’t looking so good. Mrs T5 did take this awesome picture of a bee though. 

I also shared a bunch of music I’ve bought over lockdown. The steady stream of new (and old) music & new t-shirts over the last few months have brought a little slice of joy with each arrival. 

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