Wednesday, 22 April 2015

50 years of tunes - 1978 - Wire "Chairs Missing"

I'm a fairly recent convert to Wire having decided I needed to explore deeper than a nineties compilation after hearing their excellent 2013 album Change Becomes Us. Their first three albums are superb but Chairs Missing, their second, is my favourite which built on the minimalist punk of their debut but wasn't quite as challenging as their later releases. Coincidentally, if all went to plan, I should have seen them live last week for the first time.

1978 - Wire "Chairs Missing"

Released: August 1978
Label: Harvest
Producer: Mike Thorne

Side one:
1. "Practice Makes Perfect" (Bruce Gilbert, Colin Newman)
2. "French Film Blurred" (Graham Lewis, Newman)
3. "Another the Letter" (Gilbert, Newman)
4. "Men 2nd" (Lewis)
5. "Marooned" (Gilbert, Lewis, Newman)
6. "Sand in My Joints" (Lewis)
7. "Being Sucked in Again" (Newman)
8. "Heartbeat" (Newman)

Side two:
9. "Mercy" (Lewis, Newman)
10. "Outdoor Miner" (Lewis, Newman)
11. "I Am the Fly" (Lewis, Newman)
12. "I Feel Mysterious Today" (Lewis, Newman)
13. "From the Nursery" (Lewis, Newman)
14. "Used To" (Gilbert, Lewis)
15. "Too Late" (Gilbert)


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