Sunday, 5 April 2020

Chop’s Journal - 5 Apr 2020

Another week in lockdown completed and still symptom free. We’ve been out to shop, probably more often than I’d like but we’re getting bits for some of the old folk across the road. It’s definitely quieter but there are still people who clearly don’t get it. All things considered we’re doing fine, and whilst it’s difficult to do anything of real value work wise we have tidied the garage & completely cleaned up the kitchen cupboards. 

I also received the first few items from my mass Bandcamp ordering spree. 


Persona Non Grata - Bright Eyes

Music I’m enjoying

I’m reading Everett True’s biography of the Ramones so that’s why they’ve dominated my listening this week. I’m still only halfway through so they could feature for a while yet. I also had a good Curtis Mayfield session after reading the Guardian article on how to get into his music. 

Plenty of great new music though. I really love the latest Cable Ties album, it’s a big step up from their debut and the opening track is already a contender for my song of the year. Also enjoying albums by Margaret Glaspy, Myrkur & Dana Gavanski. 

Book Reading

The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett: This was a delightful read. Wonderful easy to read prose that imagines the Queen becoming an enthusiastic reader after discovering a mobile library visiting Buckingham Palace. My first read of Bennett and it’s made me hungry for more. He has a wonderfully light touch that makes reading him effortless but absolutely worthwhile. 

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