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Chop’s Journal - 21 Jun 2020

This week I took a break from doing top fives and launched a new thing on Twitter to encourage me to listen to older music or bands I’d not had time to investigate. 

In trying to make it interactive it kind of blew up to be bigger than I expected but I got an interesting list of recommended albums out of it. 

Oh, and we saw the Red Arrows & Patrouille de France fly over our house in Shepperton (photo from a pal who was in Chertsey). 


Down at the So and So on Somewhere Street - Fiery Furnaces

Music I’m enjoying

New releases from Wesley Gonzalez & Jehny Beth have been on my three play roster this week alongside some albums related to the Chops A2Z thing I’ll explain below and several albums related to James Acaster’s book Perfect Sounds Whatever. 

Chop’s A2Z - Week 1: A

I listen to a lot of new music and often fail to go back and listen to bands or albums from the past that I’d probably love just as much. My plan is to get pals on Twitter to suggest an album by a band beginning with the letter of the week & explain why I should listen to it. 

I then pick four I’ve never heard & four I already own and run a poll to vote for the albums I’ll listen to at least three times. 

Albums I’d not heard:

1. American Music Club “California” @realruskus - AMC were exactly the type of band I was thinking about when starting this feature. I’m two plays in & it’s not grabbed me yet but having won the poll I’ll play it at least twice more & try to find the gem I’m sure is there.

2. Archie Bronson Outfit “Coconut” @brinyhoof - Big swirly noisy rock with a good groove underpinning it. Not quiet as noisy as I expected but worth further investigation. The basslines reminded me of Peter Hook and there’s a bit of a psych vibe going on too.

3. Amanda Applewood “I Love Boys” @608represent - This is a lovely bright & uplifting summer record. Amanda used to play keyboards with The Boy Least Likely To. Her vocals remind me a little of Miki from Lush and a little of Lail Arad though lyrically she’s closer to the latter.

4. Action Spectacular “From Here On In It’s A Riot” @sharkastic - Pretty sure I’d heard of Action Spectacular though there’s very little information about them online. This has a lot going on musically and some wryly observed lyrics. This warrants further listening.

Albums I Own:

1. Adam & The Ants “Dirk Wears White Socks” @DavidRogMoor - This is an album I only discovered recently after Marc Riley played a few tracks. The post-punk link is clearer than their subsequent big hits. Really love this.

2. The Auteurs “Now I’m A Cowboy” @Perlalaloca - Turns out I got confused & don’t own this album but I’m glad I gave it a closer listen. Luke Haines whip smart lyrics find their feet on this second Auteurs LP and Lenny Valentino stands out as the best track.

3. Art Brut “Bang Bang Rock n Roll” @cpsouthon - I forgot how brilliant this album is. Every song hits the mark for me & Eddie Argos’ lyrical powers shining through. This came out when I was discovering more new music via the internet but I know these songs so well. 

4. The Amps “Pacer” @MrStuRobson - I pretty much love everything Kim Deal is involved with and this standalone album is a little gem that came out after The Breeders went on hiatus. Surprised it didn’t poll higher so give it a spin if you like The Breeders.?

I also add a selection from James Acaster’s book about the music of 2016, Perfect Sounds Whatever, as I’m reading that currently & listening to the albums he mentions. He has over 600 from that year so I figured there should be one for each letter. This week’s pick is “The Impossible Kid” by Aesop Rock. I picked it as the first “A” album on the list I hadn’t listened to yet. Turned out it’s hip-hop which isn’t a genre I’m a huge fan of but two tracks in and I’m already more engaged than I expected to be. Lyrically this isn’t usual hip-hop fair. There seems to be some fairly dense themes and I guess the delivery is a little closer to the rock end of the spectrum too making easier for me to connect. 

Here’s the full list of nominated albums. I got more than I was expecting so ended up creating two polls;

🔺Albums that are new to me 

🔹Albums I own

🌀Album from Perfect Sounds Whatever


🔺American Music Club - California

🔺Action Spectacular - From Here On In ...

🔺Amanda Applewood - I Love Boys

🔺Archie Bronson Outfit - Coconut

🔹Adam & The Ants - Dirk Wears White Socks

🔹The Amps - Pacer

🔹Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock n Roll

🔹The Auteurs - I’m A Cowboy Now

🌀Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid 

▪️Adorable - Against Protection

▪️Ayla Nero - The Code of the Flowers

▪️A Girl Called Eddy

▪️Amazing Snakeheads - Amphetamine Ballards

▪️Able Tamsans - Store in a Cool Place

▪️Ambulance Ltd - Ambulance Ltd

▪️Audioslave - Audioslave

▪️Terry Allen - Juarez

▪️Louis Armstrong - Disney Songs ...

▪️Astrid - One in Four

▪️All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavor - All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavor

▪️Arboretum- Coming out of the fog

▪️C Adigery - Zandoli

▪️Aimee Mann - Magnolia OST

▪️Ahem - Try Again

▪️ACR - Sextet

▪️Airstream - Follow Through

▪️Agent Orange - Living in Darkness

▪️Air Formation - Daylight Storms

▪️Amber Arcades - European Heartbreak

▪️The Associates - Sulk

🔹Ash - 1977

▪️Albion Band - Light Shining

▪️Afghan Wigs - Gentlemen

▪️Aziz Abraham - Rusholme Rock

▪️After the Gold rush - Neil Young

🔹At The Drive In - Relationship of Command

▪️Allo Darlin - Allo Darlin

▪️Aztec Camera - High Land, Hard Rain

▪️Aimee Mann - Lost in Space

▪️Aberfeldy - Young Forever

▪️Alvvays - Antisocialites

🔹Trail of Dead - Madonna

🔹Adverts - Crossing the Red Sea

🔹Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

▪️Amen Dunes - Blue Rose

▪️ABC - Alphabet City

▪️Abraham - Blue For The Most

▪️Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder

▪️Aim - Cold Water Music

▪️Ane Brun - It All Starts With One

▪️Absentee - Schmotime

▪️Autechre - Incunabula

▪️A House - I am the greatest

▪️Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks

▪️All We Are - All We Are

▪️AK/DK - Patterns / Harmonics 

▪️Amiina - Kurr

▪️Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

🔹Air - Moon Safari

▪️Allah Lahs - Allah Lahs

▪️Archie Roach - Charcoal Lane

▪️ABC - Look of Love

▪️TheAudience - theaudience 

▪️Arctic Monkeys - AM

▪️Alien Ant Farm - Anthology

▪️Amusement Parks On Fire - Amusement Parks On Fire

▪️Annie - Anniemal

▪️APB - Something To Believe In

▪️Fiona Apple - Tidal

▪️Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is

▪️The Aliens - Astronomy For Dogs

▪️American Analog Set - Know By Heart

▪️Alpha - Comes From Heaven 

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