Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Chop’s Journal - 31 May 2020

This week I’ve mainly been angry. Angry about Dominic Cummings. Angry about the lack of leadership from the Government. Angry about the lack of clarity on rules. Angry about the general ignorance shown by a large percentage of the UK population. I wrote to my MP. I got a stock reply but I wrote again to say how poor it was. It might not mean much but I feel I have to try. 

Then, just as I was getting control of my senses, I got angry about the senseless death of George Floyd in America and see the troubles faced by Black Americans and remember how lucky I am. I need to explore options to be a more proactive ally to all those people who are suffering. 

My focus next week will be on the good things in life. Hopefully I’ll be feeling more upbeat. 


Ballet of Apes - Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network

Music I’m enjoying

‪Despite the numbers below the album I’ve enjoyed the most is Ballet Of Apes by Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network. Brigid was a member of Thee Oh Sees for many years but recently released an album with John Dwyer under the OCS moniker and this album feels like a nice progression from there. 

Home Time is Darren Hayman’s second album of the year and it’s another great set of tunes. Featuring Hannah Winter (AKA Common or Garden) and Laura K (of Fortitude Valley) it features songs about break-ups recorded acoustically to 8 track. 

Completing a trio of fine new releases is Four Against Fate by The Nightingales which continues their excellent run of form and might be my favourite ’Gales album yet. 

Other notes

Despite the doom & gloom above I was off work until Thursday but didn’t really do a lot. The main bonus was not having to work. 

My eldest boy was 20 this week, which doesn’t seem possible. A bit of a dull birthday for him but he was happy with a takeaway current, a big homemade chocolate cake and a few beers. 

On Wednesday I did a 9 k walk on my own. That gave me time to catchup on episodes of the Off Menu podcast but also got me thinking I could maybe run that distance and Mrs T5 set me the challenge of running 10k by the end of June. 

Lockdown Top Fives - Week 10

▪️Wednesday 27th: Bands / Solo Artists from New Zealand 

  1. Aldous Harding
  2. Nadia Reid
  3. Tiny Ruins
  4. Marlon Williams
  5. Lorde / The Beths

▪️Thursday 28th:  Comic Book Writers

  1. Alan Moore
  2. Grant Morrison 
  3. Chris Claremont
  4. Stan Lee
  5. John Wagner 

▪️Friday 29th: Films of the 40s

  1. Passport To Pimlico (Cornelius)
  2. Kind Hearts & Coronets (Hamer)
  3. Arsenic and Old Lace (Capra) 
  4. The Third Man (Reed)
  5. Notorious (Hitchcock)

▪️Saturday 30th: Favourite Music T-Shirts 

  1. Jim Jones Revue “Voodoo Face”
  2. British Sea Power “Heron Addict”
  3. Japandroids “Photo Snaps”
  4. Art Brut “Popular Culture”
  5. Inspiral Carpets “Cool as Fuck”

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