Friday, 1 November 2013

Top 5 Eponymous Hatricks

Following from last week's Eponymous Top 5 I'm taking it one step further this week with my favourite eponymous albums that also feature an eponymous song. I'll be honest I'm not entirely sure if I've ordered this by my love of the song or the album but either way I think it works. Hat tip to @Sipperana who found this list online and got me started. It's a bit Metal heavy perhaps, and I couldn't find room for Bo Diddley, but I think these are 5 fine albums/songs.

1. Iron Maiden on "Iron Maiden" by Iron Maiden

2. Black Sabbath on "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath

3. Motörhead on "Motörhead" by Motörhead

4. Minor Threat on "Minor Threat" by Minor Threat

5. Meat Puppets on "Meat Puppets" by Meat Puppets


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