Sunday, 16 February 2020

Chop’s Journal - 16th Feb 2020

A quieter week on the gig front allows me to get this entry posted on schedule. 


“Acid” - Jockstrap

Albums I’m enjoying

Mainly listened to a Lail Arad & JF Robitaille playlist this week as I wait in anticipation of their debut duo album. I’ve also been enjoying Bonny Light Horseman & Clémentine March. 

Oh, and Night Pain who were briefly Magic Mist but previously Giant Burger. They have a 5 song E.P. available on Bandcamp (via link below) for whatever you can afford. 

Gigs of the week

Lail Arad & JF Robitaille @ The Coronet Theatre (11/Feb) - Edging ever nearer the release of that debut album as a duo this was a lovely chance to see them live again and visit a venue that was new to me. They played the candlelit bar area which is marvellously quirky and the perfect setting for the style of music, though the slant of the floor was a little challenging to navigate. 

Lail & JF were in great form. They played two 45 minute sets with a few new songs, a couple of mini solo sets and plenty of older favourites. A really special night. 

Other notes

Continuing my efforts to watch more new cinema I finally saw 1917 on Friday. A really incredible film with stunning cinematography and a deeply moving story. 

Dean Charles-Chapman & George MacKay are both excellent in the lead roles and the stream of famous British actors in supporting roles a real joy. 

The one shot approach completely immersed me in the movie. I’m definitely guilty of being easily distracted these days but I was completely locked into the story unfolding. There were also at least two moments when I literally jumped out of my seat.

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