Sunday, 17 May 2020

Chop’s Journal - 18 May 2020

A better week thankfully though other than running, work & occasional early morning raids on Tesco not much to talk about. 

I did manage ninety minutes of music on Sunday and felt like my equilibrium had been restored by doing that. A bit of overdue bass practice, a bit of singing and a few new tunes on the uke. It’s good for my soul.


After The Fact - Martha Ffion

Music I’m enjoying

‪I first discovered Eve Owen when she accompanied The National on their last tour. She contributed song writing to the I Am Easy To Find album and performed vocals on the tour along with Kate Stables. Eve’s debut solo album, Don’t Let The Ink Dry, is really great. 

A couple of people nominated Mogwai’s ZEROZEROZERO for my Albums of 2020 so far top five which took me by surprise as I had no idea they’d released anything new. It was available for pay what you can on Bandcamp and is a another excellent soundtrack release. 

Another album that somewhat snuck up on me is Mark Lanegan’s Straight Songs of Sorrow. I think it’s released to coincide with his Autobiography and on first couple of listens it seems to be up with his very best. 

Book Reading

‪I finished re-reading Good Omens this week. The recent TV adaption was very good and I enjoyed reading the book with those visuals fresh in my memory. 

Lockdown Top Fives

▪️Monday 11th: Pop Bangers

  1. Crazy In Love - Beyoncé & Jay-Z
  2. Toxic - Britney Spears
  3. Some Girls - Rachel Stevens 
  4. Never Ever - All Saints
  5. Bad Guy - Billie Eilish 

▪️ Tuesday 12th: Bands from all Ireland 

  1. Stiff Little Fingers 
  2. Lisa O’Neill
  3. The Undertones
  4. My Bloody Valentine / Rory G
  5. Jetplane Landing

▪️ Wednesday 13th: Songs Under 2 minutes 

  1. Three Girl Rhumba - Wire
  2. Tame - Pixies
  3. Heard About Your Band - Brakes
  4. Fell In Love With A Girl - White Stripes
  5. Never Talking To You Again - Hüsker Dü 

▪️ Thursday 14th: Songs of 2020 so far 

  1. Hope - Cable Ties
  2. Kaizen - Peaness 
  3. Wee Guys (Bobby’s Got a Punctured Lung) - The Just Joans
  4. Dear Sweet Rosie - Freya Beer
  5. Checkout Girl - HANN 

▪️ Friday 15th: Films of the Fifties

  1. North by North West (Hitchcock)
  2. Some Like It Hot (Wilder)
  3. Seven Samurai (Kurosawa) 
  4. Twelve Angry Men (Lumet) 
  5. Touch of Evil (Welles)

▪️ Saturday 16th: Eurovision Songs 

  1. Waterloo - ABBA
  2. Puppet on a String - Sandy Shaw
  3. Hard Rock Hallelujah - Lordi
  4. Boom Bang-a-Bang - Lulu
  5. Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst

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