Sunday, 28 September 2014

Top 50 Debut Albums - No.15 "Searching for the Young Soul Rebels" Dexys Midnight Runners (1980)

Is that the sound of brass I hear .... ?

This one must have been on 90% of the lists so far (there's been a few of us doing these for those of you not on Twitter).

If suggested listening to Dexy's to early 80s me I'd have laughed in your face. Well metaphorically, I'm too nice to actually do that but I'd probably have coughed awkwardly and tried to change the conversation. I was, as you'll already know if you've been keeping up, into Heavy Metal back then. I liked "proper" music, with loud guitars and even louder drums. I still do to some extent but there's now room in the chaos of noise for a bit of variety too.

I was also put off Dexy's by the constant radio play that Come On Eileen (from their second album) got. The dungarees and pencil moustaches didn't help much either. However, as you are no doubt tired of hearing, there's always a chance I'll work my way back to something eventually ...

... and I do have a HUGE weakness for brass.

Searching for the Young Soul Rebels is a wonderful record; great lyrics, amazing production, brilliant song-writing & bucket loads of brass.



Shuft said...

Brass or no brass, I'd still laugh in your face. This bunch of turkeys sum up rubbish perfectly!

Chopper said...


Shuft said...

Rowland's wiki page quotes him as - "a towering contribution to British music, both visually and musically".
I can only assume the pretentious twonk wrote it himself!