Friday, 12 September 2014

Top 50 Debut Albums - No.31 "Read Music / Speak Spanish" Desaparecidos (2002)

Now the debut and (so far) only album by a band that included a musician who has been very prolific in a number of guises.

Desaparecidos are, for want of a better word, an Emo band put together by Conor Oberst to kill time between the folk and Americana work of Bright Eyes and his solo albums. It was the first Oberst album of any style I got and I bought it entirely on the basis of a printed press review. Just like the good old days.

I thought it was pretty good on first listen but this was one of those albums that grew on me over time. By the end of the year I realised I'd played it more than anything else released that year and it's stayed a firm favourite ever since.

The band then vanished from the face of the Planet for a good 10 years.

Brilliantly they got back together to tour in 2012, largely thanks to a campaign by Songkick Detour, and in 2013 I got to see Desaparecidos play the album live at an amazing gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.


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