Friday, 23 October 2009

Top 5 Bands I've seen play live most frequently (and other stats)

Or, in other words, an excuse for me to reel off some stats that I've found out since I discovered the wonders of Song Kick.

This is my gigography a record of every gig I've been to. Currently that's 382 according to my SongKick profile although that doesn't include "pub gigs" which brings my official tally to 402. That might sound like a lot but it is over 23 years and if I have discovered anything from using SongKick it's that I'm small fry compared with some people!

Of course, I knew how many gigs I'd seen already but Song Kick provides a smart front end that lets users add set lists, reviews, photos or video as well as a facility to track venues or artists you want to see live. All brilliant fun for a list nerd like me and the latest reason I've found to be sitting on the computer when I really should be doing something more useful with my time.

So, who are the bands I've seen live the most? I don't think there will be any surprises here for anyone who knows me well. My music tastes have changed over the years but this nails me down to the 4 or 5 years when I was enjoying the twin benefits of living at home and working, which just happened to coincide with "The Prog Years".

1. Marillion (32 times)

2. Status Quo (30 times)

3. Fish (21 times)

4. Jethro Tull (20 times)

5. IQ (8 times)

An added bonus, as it's been a while since I did a top five, these are the venues I've visited the most.

1. Town & Country Club/London Forum (51 times)

2. Hammersmith Odeon/Apollo (47 times)

3. Wembley Arena (32 times)

4. Brixton Academy (22 times)

5. London Astoria (19 times)