Friday, 26 February 2021

Chop’s Fives: Daytime TV

I needed a topic that was a little easier to manage this week and for some reason Daytime TV has been in my thoughts a lot more over the last few months. Can’t think why. 

1. Bargain Hunt - Hands down my favourite daytime programme. It’s become part of our lockdown routine as we aim to have lunch when it’s on and have now set up a series link so it doesn’t matter if we’re late eating. The temptation is to try and have a go but I think we’ve seen enough episodes now to know we’d make a massive loss. 

2. Win, Lose or Draw - Initially hosted by Danny Baker (who I have something of a love/hate relationship with) this was effectively Pictionary for telly and featured mixed teams of celebrities alongside members of the public. Danny was at his witty best so it was disappointing when Shane Ritchie took over and the show list some of its irreverence. Shane only lasted one series before being replaced by Bob Mills who became my favourite host. 

3. Countdown - I’ve been watching this on and off since Channel 4 launched in 1982. I’m still embarrassingly awful at the word games (always figured I might improve with a pen & paper to hand but almost 40 years have gone and I’ve not made the effort) but I am slightly more successful with the numbers. 

4. The Mallorca Files - This is a more recent discovery. It’s a little like Death in Paradise so feels like an evening programme with a slightly reduced budget. I love a murder mystery and this ticks all my boxes. It benefits from a sunny island setting, which was just what we needed in the depths of a lockdown winter, and has two very watchable leads. 

5. A Country Practice - Long running Australian medical drama that initially seemed dreadful but won me over in an era when television options weren’t as plentiful as they are now. It had quite a large cast, who often dropped in an out but helped create a broad dramatic dynamic. 

Friday, 19 February 2021

Chop’s Fives: Songs that make you cry

I find many songs make me teary eyed, some because of the memories associated with the first or main time I heard them, some just because they’re great. I love nothing more than singing along with a favourite song at the top of my voice (and slightly out of tune), it’s the best form of therapy. 

1. Five Years by Liz Green - A Bowie cover (obvs) that Liz did for a Marc Riley session on 6music. The original definitely gets me but Liz’s version was astonishingly raw. There’s a moment where her voice cracks and it sounds like she might not finish the song. Unfortunately this has never been released but Marc does play it occasionally and it hits me every single time. 

2. Wires by Athlete - They were not a band that I associated with outstanding song writing but this song has a pretty consistent affect on my tear ducts. Written about the singer’s first child being on a incubator when first born it transports me back to the birth of my children and the emotions of those first few days.  

3. Hurt by Johnny Cash - The song on it’s own, a cover of a Nine Inch Nails original, is powerful enough but the video undoubtedly pushed the emotional impact up a few notches. Johnny was 71 and in poor health, his wife June died shortly after the song came out and Johnny was gone by the end of the year. The love they had for each other is evident and this feels like a powerful final statement (notwithstanding further recordings that followed). 

4. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory by Johnny Thunders - This one hits me on many levels. Just a wonderful song with a brilliant lyric. 

5. We’ve Only Just Begun by Carpenters - This one is all about memories of my Mum & Dad but particularly my Dad. We’d often go on car trips, usually for Dad to do chores or visit pals but mainly to get us both out the house for a bit & I vividly remember listening to The Carpenters in the car and being incredibly sad to find out about her death. 

I’ve had a huge response on Twitter, not least thanks to Pete Paphides getting involved, so the embedded playlist will expand as I work my way through the many suggested songs. 


Thursday, 18 February 2021

Chop’s Fives: Songs of Protest & Revolution

Over on Twitter, where these recent fives originated, the song theme topics have been really popular and I’ve tried to add all the suggestions to Spotify playlists. I’ll try and embed the link below. 

I ended up combining songs about Protest & Revolution as I had favourites that straddled both topics and thought it made the topic a little more open to interpretation. 

1. Oh Bondage! Up Yours by X-Ray Spex

2. Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine

3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott Heron

4. Fight The Power by Public Enemy

5. A Change Is Gonna Come by Aretha Franklin

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Chop’s Fives: Films of the 00s

My favourite films of whatever you call the decade from 2000 to 2009. 

1. City of God (Meirelles/Lund) - A compelling exploration of drug crime in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Many of the cast were residents of flavelas and that, along with the wonderful cinematography, created a very real feeling of tension throughout the story. 

2. Hidden / Cachรฉ (Haneke) - The first Michael Haneke film I saw and a film that really struck a chord with me and invigorated my desire to see more art house movies. I love the subtlety of it, you’re never quite sure what’s going on and Haneke doesn’t spell much out. 

3. No Country For Old Men (Coens)
 - A slightly darker feel for a Coens film but a fabulous retelling of the Cormac McCarthy novel. Tommy Lee Jones & Javier Bardem are both outstanding despite rarely being on screen together. Classy cinematography & some scenes that still stick in my memory many years later. 

4. Shaun of the Dead (E Wright) - Bought this cheap on DVD from a pal who worked for the film company with no idea what to expect. It’s become one of the films I’ve watched most often and honestly gets better every time I see it (which is about once a month on itv2). 

5. This Is England (Meadows) - Such a great cast & probably Shane Meadows best film. He has a naturalistic way of directing that allows the actors to really own & develop their characters. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Chop’s Fives: Matchbox cars

I’ve been wanting to do this top 5 for ages. My favourite matchbox cars as a kid. Probably my favourite toy growing up. My best mate would come round every Friday and we’d spend hours racing cars down plastic track. 

1. Volks Dragon (1971) - My oldest and fastest car. Used to have a daisy sticker on the bonnet. Never let me down in a head to head race.

2. Dodge Challenger (1975) - No. 1 in the matchbox catalogue for years. Loved the US muscle car styling of this one & it was pretty reliable in races too

3. Ford Escort RS2000 (1978) - A more contemporary car that was less good “on the track” but looked classy in back garden rallying through the flower beds. 

4. Porsche 911 Turbo (1978) - I was a bit older when I bought this from the post office shop but despite initially seeming a little dull it became one of my favourites. Opening doors too.

5. Lamborghini Countach (1973) - This was my nemesis for many years. My best mate’s favourite car and one I didn’t own. I eventually caved in and bought one of my own.

Friday, 12 February 2021

Chop’s Fives: Favourite NFL Quarterbacks

 After a few weeks of trying to keep a lockdown diary of sorts I ran out of steam. That was partly me failing to find the time to write stuff that probably wasn’t of much interest to anyone but future me but also the feeling of unrelenting sameness that came with trying to survive a pandemic. Things haven’t entirely improved but the faint glow of light is glimmering in the distance.

Meanwhile, I’ve continued with my bullshit on Twitter (where it’s quick to write stuff and you feel less obliged to make it lengthy) so I’ve something of a backlog of Top 5s I could share on here plus a whole other project I’ll explain in a separate post. 

If you’re still occasionally reading this blog then thanks for the patronage & apologies for the haphazard nature of updates. Let’s see how long I keep things going this time. 

I’m a long time NFL fan, having first seen the Super Bowl via Grandstand who showed the highlights of Super Bowl XVI in 1982. Almost forty years later I’m still staying up into the small hours to watch the season finale (even though I really don’t like the now undisputed greatest QB of all time). 

All that is a long lead up to my Top 5 favourite Quaterbacks. 

1. Joe Montana Joe Montana was the winning QB in that very first game I watched. He lead the San Francisco 49ers to a 20-0 lead half time over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals got back into things in the second half but Joe Cool stayed true to his nickname and helped ensure the Niners held on to win 26-21. Montana remained a top performer for many years as I watched more NFL and whilst I didn’t end up a 49er fan I always admired his ability & poise. 

2. Aaron Rodgers - I’ve recently converted to being a Green Bay Packers fan and A-Rod was part of the attraction. A remarkably talented QB who rarely turns the ball over. The fact he hasn’t won more Super Bowl rings (1 win, 1 loss so far) shows just how difficult it is to achieve. The Packers came mighty close to getting back to the big game this season and in doing so Rodgers claimed a 3rd NFL MVP of his career.

3. Russell Wilson - In my wilderness years (the period when I stopped following my first team and watched less of the sport as it went exclusively to Sky) Wilson was one of the bright sparks. A mobile quarterback who did as much with his feet as he did with his arm. Wilson is a little like Rodgers, hugely talented, genuinely nice guy and a little unlucky not to have won more. 

4. Joe Theismann - Joe was THE man who won me over to NFL and made me a Washington fan. Channel 4 began showing highlights during the strike shortened 1983 season. Theismann & that Washington team seemed to overcome all the odds to make it to the Super Bowl that year and I was hooked. Joe had bags of personality too, maybe not as talented as Montana but really gutsy.

5. Peyton Manning - The first quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different franchises. Hugely talented and with a howitzer of an arm. 

Feel free to add your fives in the comments. 

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Chop’s Journal - 16 Aug 2020

A change of tack. I’ve finally caught up with posts and I think I’m going to drop some of the sections as they don’t add a huge amount to each week and just contribute to me not posting more regularly. I like the idea of keeping this going but so far it’s not really encouraged me to write. 

If you miss the Song of the Week or Music I’m Enjoying sections you’ll find both on my Twitter at the following hashtags;

  • #SOTW every Friday morning
  • #chopsfm every Sunday lunch 

That means this week is particularly light on content as I extended Week E of ChopsA2Z and didn’t do a Top 5 topic. Got a few things coming up with my boys that mean things may be quiet for a while too but hopefully I’ll get back in the swing by early September. 

We did make a visit to the local Pick Your Own farm ostensibly to see the sunflowers but after a week of, much needed, rain they weren’t looking so good. Mrs T5 did take this awesome picture of a bee though. 

I also shared a bunch of music I’ve bought over lockdown. The steady stream of new (and old) music & new t-shirts over the last few months have brought a little slice of joy with each arrival. 

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Chop’s Journal - 9 Aug 2020

Fulham won the Championship Playoff final though so that was nice. Having lost twice to Brentford in the regular season, and finished one place & one point behind them in the league things were all set for a fairy tale return to top flight football for the Bees that would coincide with the opening of their new stadium. 

In the end Fulham’s manager, Scott Parker, deployed a clever tactical approach that nullified the threat of Brentford and an unlikely double from our left back gave us the win. It’s been a long strange season but that was a pretty spectacularly way to end it. 


Whole New Mess - Angel Olsen

Music I’m enjoying

Listened to a lot this week. I love the debut Billy Nomates album, I’m still digging Damaged Bug & the latest release from Natalie Duncan was well crafted soothing jazz that helped me get through a mentally tough week. 

Chop’s A2Z - Week 5: E

‪Week 5 of #chopsA2Z requested suggestIons for a favourite album by a band or artist beginning with E and explain why I should listen to it. 

Albums I’d not heard before

1: Brian Eno “Here Comes The Warm Jets” @caroline_binnie - An astonishing album, I’m two listens in & there’s so much inventiveness to take in. One of those classic albums I can’t explain not listening to earlier but it’s a firm favourite now #chopsA2Z

‪2: Eddy Current Suppression Ring “Primary Colours” @WillieMcAlpine @GreeneDermot67 - I’d heard a the latest album by ECSR & loved it but not dipped my toe any further until I played this and boy it’s great. Long too but doesn’t outstay it’s welcome, prime garage punk #chopsA2Z‬

3: Ella Guru “The First Album” @TobiasCotton - Vague memories of this band from 2004 & the internet suggests I might have seen them support someone back then. It’s a lovely blend of Americana & indie pop with well matched male & female vocals & lovely instrumentation #chopsA2Z

4: ‪Elizabeth Cotten “Live!” @behappydadda - An astonishing live document of Elizabeth playing songs from her career at 85. She has some wonderful between song chat too. Definitely going to check out her studio recordings #chopsA2Z ‬

Albums I already own

  1. Ezra Furman - Day of the Dog @mjgelder
  2. Elastica - Elastica @elhozzo
  3. Electric Soft Parade - Holes in the Wall @spooner_daniel
  4. Elbow - Asleep in the Back @jnlangton & @soapboxjury

‪The Elastica album took 47% of the vote and still sounds brilliant. It’s one of the few britpop era albums I still listen too which is no doubt partly due to the significant Wire influence. I still think it’s an album that stands on its own merits too. 

‪Of the four albums Ezra Furman’s Day of the Dog is my personal favourite. That album was my entry point for Ezra and is still probably my favourite of his album’s. 

Holes in the Wall is great, though I never clicked with ESP as much as I thought I should. Interestingly I really love their latest album, Stages. 

I’ve not listened to Elbow’s debut for ages and there are some gorgeous tunes on there even if as a whole I’m less keen. 

Perfect Sounds pick:

I might have forgotten to mention my pick from James Acaster’s @perfectsoundpod pick for E week. I went with Esperanza Spalding’s album Emily’s D+Evolution which is a concept album that falls at the R&B end of contemporary Jazz with hints of Prog which I loved.

The full list of nominations:

๐Ÿ”บEast India Youth - Culture of Volume @domsg 

▪️E-Z Rollers - Dimensions of Sound @aldousleary

▪️Echobelly - People Are Expensive @sulaviedilejo 

▪️Explosions in the Sky - The Wilderness @nomorefin 

๐Ÿ”บEarl Brutus - Tonight You Are The Special One @sharkastic 

๐ŸŒ€Ezra Furman - Day of the Dog @mjgelder

▪️Efterklang - Parades @darrenmjones

๐Ÿ”บEfterklang - Piramida @vicaviber 

▪️Eleventh Day Dream - Ursa Major @bodlingboy 

๐ŸŒ€Elastica - Elastica @elhozzo

๐Ÿ”บElastica - The Menace @preservation76 

๐Ÿ”บEverything But The Girl - Eden ‪@ApostateHymnals ‬

▪️Editors - The Back Room @drums_wires 

▪️Electrelane - No Shouts, No Calls @darrell_clem 

๐Ÿ”บElephant Micah - Where in our Woods @sippyslicker 

▪️Everything Everything - Arc @ambnorwich 

▪️East River Pipe - Goodbye California @realruskus & @slowthrills 

▪️Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Horse of the Dog @bod_ball 

▪️Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - The Royal Society @pablooplywiss

▪️Carla J Easton - Impossible Stuff @allan_milligan & @alanmuttley1066 

๐Ÿ”บBrian Eno - Here Comes The Warm Jets @carolinebinnie

๐Ÿ”บElectric Prunes - Underground @durutti74 

▪️El Goodo - El Goodo @ineeddirection

๐Ÿ”บThe Empty Page - Unfolding @glpne73

▪️Eugenius - Mary Queen of Scots @lokessimon 

▪️Eugenius - Oomalama @eveshambaggy

▪️Easy - Magic Seed @d_grayer 

▪️Anderson East - Encore @thelovelyilgwu 

▪️Erasure - The Innocents @tbragsdale 

▪️Ed Harcourt - Here Be Monsters @tmulraney 

๐Ÿ”บElla Guru - The First Album @tobiascotton & @grizzlybeard

▪️Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings The Blues @jakepalmer04

▪️Eccentronic Research Council - Eccentronic Research Council @gigticket 

๐Ÿ”บEddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours @greenedermot67 & @williemcalpine 

▪️Edan - Beauty & the Beat @themightychew 

▪️Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Imperial Bedroom @girlshirl1 

▪️Eg & Alice - 24 Years of Hunger ‪@jjvwaardenberg ‬

๐ŸŒ€Electric Soft Parade - Holes in the Wall @spooner_daniel

▪️Marc Eric - Midsummer’s Day Dream @agarr45 

▪️Eleventh Day Dream - El Moodio @stillhonest 

▪️Eagulls - Eagulls @_sandywishart

▪️ESG - Dance to The Best of ESG @davidkbruce 

๐Ÿ”บElizabeth Cotten - Live! @behappydadda 

๐Ÿ”บEsben & The Witch - A New Nature @pahudson 

▪️Engineers - Engineers @johnnyshoegaze & @brinyhoof

▪️Errors - Come Down With Me @disco_juan 

▪️Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side of the Moon @adespink 

▪️Ex Hex - Rips @paul_hilton

๐ŸŒ€Elbow - Asleep in the Back @jnlangton & @soapboxjury

▪️Echo & The Bunnymen - Ocean Rain @catanddrumsc 

๐Ÿ”บEton Crop - Peel Sessions 83-88 @theedgeofthesea 

▪️The Egg - Travelator @emdehaney 

▪️East Brunswick All Girls Choir - Teddywaddy @waj1 

๐Ÿ”บEasterhouse - Contenders @johnynocash & @ersehole 

▪️Einstรผrzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch @davidrogmoore 

▪️Einstรผrzende Neubauten - Haus der Lรผge ‪@ronanmaenardo ‬

▪️Elf Power - In A Cave @drfilth

▪️Earthless - Black Heaven @sipperana

▪️Eat Lights Become Lights - Into Forever @thewilsyboy 

๐Ÿ”บEdsel Auctioneer - Simmer @heeleysteve 

๐Ÿ”บEspers - II ‪@simonwstockdale ‬

▪️ El Perro del Mar - Change of Heart @badgyote 

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Chop’s Journal - 2 Aug 2020

Despite my best efforts to resist we’ve done some decorating. Mrs T5 & my youngest painted his room and we had enough paint left over (just) to do our bedroom too. So consecutive weekends freshening up the house felt more productive than we have for a while. 


Trouble - Hen Ogledd

Music I’m enjoying

The new Shirley Collins album is good, it’s really just lovely to have her making new music, but this week’s favourite was the long awaited Damaged Bug album of Alan Yonkers covers. 

Book Reading 

Book 9: The Pine Islands by Marion Poschmann (translated by Jen Calleja) 

This was an unusual but enjoyable read. I only read it because the translation from German was by Jen Calleja of the band Sauna Youth. Jen recently completed a year as translator in residence at the British Library so I knew she had an intriguing career outside of music. This book was also nominated for the 2019 Man Booker International prize so I figured it was worth a read. 

It’s quite sparse in its mode of story telling and is largely focused on potential suicide but the use of language is eloquent and I enjoyed reading it. I actually found that it was after I finished the book it really sunk home and I gave myself a couple of days to reflect before moving on the read something new. 

Occasional Top Fives

I’ve been running more often during lockdown & when I do I listen to an old iPod nano that I filled up with compilations to make it as varied as possible. In particular there’s a classic collection of American AOR called American Heartbeat that I loved as a teenager. I couldn’t resist making a top 5 in my head as I ran hence this ...

▪️AOR Songs

  1. Hold The Line - Toto
  2. Heat of the Moment - Asia
  3. More Than A Feeling - Boston
  4. I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner 
  5. Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore - REO Speedwagon 

AOR Playlist: 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Chop’s Journal - 26 Jul 2020

This was an eventful week though, as I mentioned last week, I’m catching up on posts and things are beginning to fade from my memory a little. 

After lord knows how many weeks of me doing the weekly shopping I’ve got into the groove and am generally less stressed by the whole experience. It was a little unexpected then that this would be the week I got into a massive argument with someone in Tesco. I was queuing at the checkouts & things are less regimented than they were a few weeks back but I had an eye on where I expected to go. 

A new cashier jumped on and called me forward to a different till. I spotted this old fella with a basket & tried to point him out but we’re all quite far apart and it’s difficult to make myself heard. She was quite jolly & beckoning me forward, old fella not paying attention either, so I go with it & begin to unload. I have three shops as I’m getting bits for the old folk across from us. Get first on when till manager waves to my cashier to try & get old fella in. That’s fine. I step back and let them through but old fella is being grumbly. 

Then the cashier realises her till is broken & she needs to switch. She explains this & moves over, taking my first shop with her. Old fella is still unloading his basket on what is now the wrong till. She calls him over & it’s this point things get heated. He gets cross & moans at her. Tesco supervisor comes back to assist. Doesn’t help. He gets moaned at too. My first shop is now in the way, 3 Tesco staff are trying to assist & old fella is just being horrible to them so I step in and explain they’re just trying to help him out but that makes him angrier. 

He starts having a go at me for pushing in. I kind of did but not deliberately and I explain that. He just carries on having a go at everyone. I have a go back. The 3rd Tesco cashier suggests moving me to another till and again helps me move my stuff. We leave grumpy fella to his thing and get set up ready to get my stuff paid for. She says thank you for trying to stand up for them. Of course grumpy fella didn’t have much to get through and walks past my new position. He has another go at me at which point I finish loading my shopping on the till before walking up to him & really letting rip. 

This is a few days before masks become mandatory in shops. I’m wearing one. He isn’t. I point this out. I don’t believe in masks he counters. Of course you fucking don’t. Security guard arrives unaware of what has gone on but it’s over and he ends up just walking out with the grumpy git. It’s not a nice feeling to lose your temper in public & I regret it but I hate seeing people who don’t appreciate what folks like shop workers have to do, especially over the last few months. 

Later on that week there was a fire at one of our neighbours. She’s been renovating for years and only moved in recently. We don’t yet know her very well & she was out at work when it happened. Builder had stripped the paint off the front sash window and left for the day. Seems an ember or two had slipped inside the sash housing and caught light. 

My immediate neighbour had clocked this, he’s a decorator by trade and explained afterwards he’s always worried about the risk of stripping back like that. Maybe because he was concerned meant he was on look out but he smelled the smoke first & saw what was going on. As he rang the fire brigade we ran our garden hose round and I started trying to damp down the smoke. Got another hose on it from the other side too but by now it’s billowing smoke. 

Fire brigade turns up within 5 minutes & we bail out the way. They put some proper hoses on it but it still takes half and hour to get it done. They have to rip off part of the housing & smash a window to get in the house. All things considered not that much damage and another neighbour brings them a cuppa when it’s done. 


Dee Dee Ramone - Helen Love 

Music I’m enjoying

The new album from Samantha Crain is a stunner. Possibly her career best. I’ve failed to catch her live yet but did watch a little streamed show she did for Music’s Not Dead to support this release and very much hope to see her for real when we get the chance. 

I’m also enjoying the debut Silverbacks album. I saw them play a free show at The Old Blue Last in January and they were the best band on the bill. 

Chop’s A2Z - Week 4: D

‪Week 4 of #chopsA2Z please suggest a favourite album by a band or artist beginning with D and explain why you think I should listen to it. 

Albums I’d not heard before

1: Tanya Donnelly “Beauty Sleep” @perlalaloca - Absolutely loved this. I’ve got two more listens to go but really looking forward to them. Highlights were The Storm & So Much Song. 

2: Devo “Duty Now For The Future” @citizen_jc - This wasn’t the instant hit I’d expected. They definitely sound like a band I should like but maybe need my full attention and this week I’ve been multi tasking a lot. 

3: Destroyer “Kaputt” @tristanjt - Some interesting songs on here. Another album I think needs further listening for me to really get. I’m not a huge fan of Dan’s voice but maybe that’s just down to expectation again. 

4: Dusty Trails “Dusty Trails” @sulaviedilejo - Sumptuous cinematic vibe that I really enjoyed. Reminded me a little of the Air debut album but also very soundtracky. Some nice brass additions & loads of very cool bass lines. 

Albums I already own

๐Ÿ”นDeath in Vegas “The Contino Sessions” @mjgelder

๐Ÿ”นDark Star “Twenty Twenty Sound” @eveshambaggy

๐Ÿ”นDetroit Cobras “Mink, Rat or Rabbit” @girlshirl1 

๐Ÿ”นDead Kennedy’s “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” @davidrogmoor @pablooplywiss 

Of the albums I own already the Detroit Cobras is my absolute favourite. Full of stomping soul driven garage rock. The DKs a close 2nd with a ferocious album that I still love. DiV & DS felt like they’d aged less well but nice to hear both again. 

Overspill list

๐Ÿ”บDisco Inferno “The 5 EPs” @williemcalpine 

๐Ÿ”บDory Previn “Dory Previn” @paul_hilton 

๐Ÿ”บDoris Duke “I’m A Loser” @wcboggs 

๐Ÿ”บDion “Born To Be With You” @sineadmcq

๐Ÿ”บDevandra Banhart “Cripple Crow” @tobiascotton 

๐Ÿ”บ Department of Eagles “In Ear Park” @citizenmeh 

๐Ÿ”บDJ Shadow “Endtroducing” @disco_juan & @factoryjimbo 

๐Ÿ”บDumb “Club Nites” @SandyWishart

I was actually looking for a way to cut down the albums I listen to but there were too many intriguing suggestions this week for me to ignore. 

Glad I gave this bunch a listen too. Actually pretty much enjoyed every one but Doris Duke, DJ Shadow, Dumb & Department of Eagles were my favourites.

The full list of nominations 

▪️Dandy Warhols “Come Down” @shakastic

▪️Demented Are Go “In Sickness & Health” @dingasurfbunny 

▪️The Doors “The Doors” @pahudson

๐Ÿ”นDe La Soul “3 Feet High & Rising” @herealexhere 

▪️Donny Hathaway “Everything is Everything” @danred71 

▪️Delays “Faded Seaside Glamour” @neilc79 

▪️Delta “Slippin’ Out” @sirsidneyp 

▪️The Drums “The Drums” @hertfordsoul 

▪️Iris DeMent “My Life” @darrenmjones

๐Ÿ”นDeath in Vegas “The Contino Sessions” @mjgelder

▪️Dead Prez “Let’s Get Free” @emdehaney 

๐Ÿ”นDark Star “Twenty Twenty Sound” @eveshambaggy

▪️Dale Hawkins “L.A. Memphis & Tyler, Texas” @greatestalbum70 

▪️Dinosaur Jr “Farm” @elhozzo3

▪️Dinosaur Jr “Where You Been?” @ipswichjon 

๐Ÿ”นDetroit Cobras “Mink, Rat or Rabbit” @girlshirl1 

▪️The Distillers “Coral Fang” @preservation76 

๐Ÿ”นDeus “Worst Case Scenario” @GreeneDermot67 

๐Ÿ”นDeus “Worst Case Scenario” @Maffrj

▪️The Distractions “Nobody’s Perfect” @ambnorwich 

▪️Desert Mountain Tribe “Either That or the Moon” @stillhonest 

๐Ÿ”บDory Previn “Dory Previn” @paul_hilton 

▪️Desperate Journalist “Grow Up” @GLPNE73 

▪️DIIV “Oshin” @tansleyjames 

▪️DIIV “Oshin” @cjl__73

▪️Dr Dog “Fate” @rock_goal 

▪️Dr Dog “Be The Void” @tmulraney

๐Ÿ”บDJ Shadow “Endtroducing” @disco_juan 

๐Ÿ”บDJ Shadow “Endtroducing” @factoryjimbo 

๐Ÿ”บDoris Duke “I’m A Loser” @wcboggs 

๐Ÿ”บTanya Donnelly “Beauty Sleep” @perlalaloca 

▪️Dvorak’s Symphonic Dances @nakedfooty 

▪️Drab Majesty “Modern Mirror” @catanddrumsc 

▪️Des Demonas “Des Demonas” @gigticket 

▪️Delicatessen “Skin Touching Water” @bodlingboy 

๐Ÿ”นDiesel Park West “Shakespeare Alabama” @domsg 

▪️Dumptruck “Positively Dumptruck” @agarr45 

▪️Dumptruck “For The Country” @apostatehymnals 

▪️Dalek I “Compass Kumpass” @durutti74 

▪️The Dream Syndicate “The Days of Wine and Roses” @davidpeters_

๐Ÿ”บDisco Inferno “The 5 EPs” @williemcalpine 

▪️Disco Inferno “Open Doors, Closed Windows” @thesweetcheat 

▪️Deja Vega “Deja Vega” @joefinegan1 

๐Ÿ”นThe Delines “Colfax” @kedwondo 

๐Ÿ”บDevo “Duty Now For The Future” @citizen_jc 

▪️Dub Sex - any album @mrwhotzit 

▪️Drive Like Jehu “Yank Crime” @ruskus

▪️Decemberists “The King is Dead” @aussieguy11901 

๐Ÿ”บDestroyer “Kaputt” @tristanjt 

▪️Drive-By Truckers “Brighter Than Creation’s Dark” @heckler_spray 

▪️The Dead South “Good Company” @thelovelyilgwu 

๐Ÿ”บDusty Trails “Dusty Trails” @sulaviedilejo 

▪️Desert Ships “Doll Skin Flag” @seatinthestalls 

▪️Departure Lounge “Too Late To Die” @lokessimon 

๐Ÿ”บDion “Born To Be With You” @sineadmcq

▪️Dean & Britta “L’Avventura” @simon_dodsworth 

▪️Doll By Doll “Doll By Doll” @bullantics

๐Ÿ”น Do Make Say Think “Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn” @spooner_daniel

๐Ÿ”นDead Kennedy’s “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” @davidrogmoor 

๐Ÿ”นDead Kennedy’s “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” @pablooplywiss 

๐Ÿ”บDevandra Banhart “Cripple Crow” @tobiascotton 

▪️ Dukes of Stratosphere “Chips From The Chocolate Fireball” @d_grayer

๐Ÿ”บ Department of Eagles “In Ear Park” @citizenmeh 

▪️Dancing Hoods “Surfing All Over The Road” @darrell_clem

▪️The Damned “Phantasmagoria” @johnynocash 

▪️Diagrams “Chromatics” @vicaviber 

▪️Dumb “Club Nites” @SandyWishart

๐Ÿ”นDexys Midnight Runners “Searching For The New Soul Rebels” @davidohanlon7

▪️Distophia “Soda Lake” @brinyhoof 

▪️Delphic “Acolyte” @zakw123