Friday, 9 August 2013

Top 5 Songs of 2013 - June/July (and the end of May)

OK, I was hoping to do a deal with THE MAN for hard cash, but that seems to be mired in the tough financial negotiation stage so I guess I better pull my finger out and write something myself. Here's the third part of my ongoing effort to track my favourite songs of the year. No apologies for the fact I know most of these* (* all of these) thanks to the Marc Riley show on 6music.

1. Eleanor Friedberger "Tomorrow Tomorrow" - Eleanor Friedberger is best known for being one half of indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces, along with older brother Matthew Friedberger. Since that band went on hiatus she's released a couple of solo albums, the second of which this track is from. Typically it took me a while to really appreciate the song, but when it clicked it hit me hard. Eleanor is playing Bush Hall on 3rd September and I'm very tempted to go.

2. Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel "What Would Pussy Riot Do?" - This is amazing. I think it's really a Jeffery Lewis poem but they did a band version of it when they played a session for Riley in June. I couldn't find an Internet version but there is a short clip around 10 minutes into this Interview with Marc Riley. It's a great lyric but also a joyous tune about what music SHOULD be about.

3. The Wave Pictures "The Woods" - David Tattersall is fast becoming one of my favourite guitarists and this is the latest track from his regular band The Wave Pictures. The video was recorded at Toe Rag studios, which is another plus for anyone who favours the analogue glory days over the digital revolution. It's a corker of a tune too.

4. TRAAMS "Low" - I don't know much about TRAAMS yet but this tune has embedded itself in my conscious of the past few weeks.

5. Jesca Hoop "Hospital (Win Your Love)" - I loved Ode To Banksy which got a lot of play at the end of last year. This is another track from the same album, The House That Jack Built, which has been nestling in my head of late. Jesca did an amazing version of it for Riley in April and since then I've been hooked.