Thursday, 27 September 2007

Top 5 Albums that mean the most to me

This was a Top 5 suggestion from TFI (my favourite FFC message board!). The top 5 albums that had a big impact on your live. So not necessarily the greatest albums of all time (in some cases, maybe, not albums you'd care to admit liking) but ones that are evocative of particular times or events in your life. I've chosen albums that were flagships for my changing tastes and typically, since first doing this, I've already changed two entries. In chronological order;

1. Status Quo "From The Maker's Of ..." - Quo were the first "non-mainstream" band I got into and really set me on the path towards my current more eclectic musical tastes. I first heard them around the time of the "Back to Back" album, a more "melodic" even poppy record than previous releases. "FTMO" was a compilation covering the first 20 years of their career. It was the album that made me realise Quo weren't the happy jolly pop band I thought they might be and led me into new rockier territory that would eventually lead to METAL!!

2. Marillion "Misplaced Childhood" - As I was discovering the joys of Iron Maiden and religiously reading Kerrang! I chanced across a band that was completely out of step with the heavy rockers I was enjoying but still being talked about by the same group's of writers. It took me a while to but by the time "Misplaced Childhood" came out I had developed a major obsession with Marillion. They were the first band I saw live (Hammersmith Odeon of the Misplaced Childhood tour) and seeing a live band for the very first time radically changed my life.

3. Pixies "Bossanova" - Caused a major change in my attitude towards "indie" bands. My mate was at Uni in Aberystwyth and visits up to see him revealed an exciting lifestyle that I had missed out on by going straight from college to work. We went to the Reading Festival in 1988, camped out, all three days ... saw six bands. It was a cracking weekend. The Pixies were one of the six bands I saw and are now my all time favourite group. This was the album that first woke me up to them.

4. Nirvana "Nevermind" - Having been through my Thrash/Death/Speed Metal era the discovery of Nirvana though this album, and the Pixies as previously mentioned, began my move away from METAL! into other areas of music.

5. The Sonics "Psycho-Sonic" - Just when I thought I'd heard it all, my introduction to the Sonics opened my mind to a whole era of music I'd never really been aware of. They are so raw and wild I find it hard to believe they are a product of the early 60's. This is another compilation and probably includes everything you could ever want to hear by them. It's led the way for me into the podcasts and a list of another 100 bands I have to hear.

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