Thursday, 8 November 2007

Top 5 Female Musicians

Is it really a week since my last one of these? To make it quick and a bit easier for me this is an old Focus Group topic (see Introduction). In fact I think it was the topic before I joined and therefore one I didn't get a chance to vote in.

1. Emma Anderson (Guitar)

2. Kim Deal (Bass)

3. P.J. Harvey (Guitar)

4. Joanna Newsome (Harp)

5. Meg White (Drums)

One of the difficult things about picking your favourite musicians of the opposite sex is avoiding the ones you just fancy. Emma Anderson played Guitar and sang in
Lush a band I had a big thing for in the 90's. I had a big thing for Emma too, but she can really play guitar! Kim Deal is a contender for "coolest chick in rock" and just manages to keep out her nearest rival for that title, Kim Gordon, out of my list. P.J. Harvey adds a second guitar and seeing as they can all sing so far I can afford the luxury of having Joanna Newsome on Harp (and screeching). Just need a drummer then and whilst Mo Tucker would be the popular choice I'm not a big fan of the Velvet's so Meg White's "less is less" approach steals in for the final slot. Probably would have given that final place to Kate Bush on Piano if I didn't need a sticks person to complete an all-girl supergroup. Hell, no room for Nina Simone, Patti Smith or Karen Carpenter, maybe I should make it Top 10's ...

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