Friday, 7 March 2008

Top 5 Facial Hair Styles

Being someone who might be kindly described as follicly challenge I tend to make the most of the areas of my face where I can grow hair. As a teenage METAL! fan I attempted to grow my hair long, but never really succeeded. As the years wore on, and the realisation hit that I wasn't just receding a bit at the front but starting to look a bit bald all over, my hair cuts became shorter and shorter. I now enjoy the benefits of home hair clipping (more money to spend down the pub and less difficult conversations with your barber about what you've got planned for the weekend and where you're planning to go on holiday) which leaves me plenty of options for facial hair experimentation. In trying to compile this list I was struggling to find out the proper names of certain styles this website is excellent and the source I tended to favour though wikipedia has this list which is also useful and has a rather amusing diagram of styles from the 1900's.

1. Sideburns - Well trimmed but as elongated as I can manage. Keeping them long is not the easiest task as I usually shave without my glasses on and during the early hours of the morning I'm more than capable of chopping off a little more than I intended on one side. This tends to lead to my sidey's being considerably shorter on Friday than they were on Monday. Ideally I like to fashion a stylishly dashing point (reminiscent of Alexander del Piero, I like to think) but this rarely lasts beyond a Tuesday for the same myopic reason.

2. Circle Beard (Goatee and moustache) - Basically I got a bit fed up shaving and grew a beard. That either itched like bugger or looked a bit Shaggy-like around the cheeks. The circle beard has the benefit of quick and easy shaving without the annoying Shaggy comparisons.

3. Handlebar/Chopper Moustache - Extra kudos for its name. Quite like the idea of trying this but haven't yet had the balls. Also requires a bit more growth around the lip which means I need a particularly slovenly couple of weeks before attempting it.

4. Mutton chops - Classic big sidey's. Had a few attempts at this but never really managed the volume necessary for the full effect.

5. Petite Goatee (Goatee with no 'tache) - Definitely a bit arty-farty. Not sure how good a look a beard is without a 'tache above it and it also means having to shave the upper lip bit.

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