Friday, 1 May 2009

Top 5 Sitcoms that didn't make my other top fives

If you read this blog you'll know by know that I'm pretty anal about this sort of thing. Having returned to the sitcom topic I've realised there were a few great shows that I either narrowly ruled out or just plain forgot about. I'm probably pushing my luck but these are five sitcoms I reckon deserve a place in your hearts that I've not already mentioned.

1. The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin (1976-1979)
3 Series created by David Nobbs
Well observed satire of Reggie's struggle to come to terms with his middle class existence and gradually falling apart at the seems. It's back on BBC with Martin Clunes in the lead role but surely it can't match the genius of the original.

2. The New Statesman (1987-1992)
3 Series written by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran
Wonderfully over the top performance from Rik Mayall as the archetypal vitriolic Tory politician. Like a less subtle version of "Yes Minister".

3. The Brittas Empire (1991-1997)
7 Series created by Richard Fegen & Andrew Norriss
If you could cope with the infuriating and fastidious Gordon Brittas there were some brilliant plot lines in this post "Red Dwarf" vehicle for Chris Barrie. Having come to a natural conclusion at series five the BBC made a mistake in bringing it back for two more runs but that shouldn't take away from it's prime time success.

4. Outnumbered (1997-ongoing)
2 Series written by Andy Hamilton & Guy Jenkin
Semi-improvised vision of 21st century family life that captures perfectly the chaos of working parents attempting to "do the right thing" whilst bringing up children who would test the patience of a saint.

5. I'm Alan Partridge (1997-2002)
2 Series written by Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci & Peter Baynham
The best thing Steve Coogan has done. Social ineptness, banal conversation and an unhealthy obsession with Lexus cars.

And damn, I still didn't have room to talk about Rising Damp, The Munsters, The Addams Family, The Flintstones or Spaced.


Anonymous said...

curb your enthusiasm, Dave? Seinfeld?

The original Perrin is amazing. the new one... not so much.


Chopper said...

Have to admit I've not really seen either. Maybe a few glimpses of Seinfeld but not enough to pull me in.

Perrin should have made my Seventies Top 5 and having watched the second episode of the new version tonight ... you're right.