Friday 11 February 2011

Guest Top 5: Dan Whaley's Top 5 Dutch Artists

One of my New Year resolutions was to spend less time on the PC. That means getting a weekly top five out is going to be a little harder. So, as a way to fill in the gaps and also freshen up the blog a bit I thought I'd invite a few friends (and top five followers) to contribute the occasional guest top five. There's an open invite in fact. If you read the blog and fancy sharing your own top five (the more obscure the better) drop me a line and let me know. Also if you have you own opinion about any of the top fives I've published feel free to share this with me via the comments.

The inaugral guest top five is a suitably provided by the person who is largely responsible for me "coming out" as a listaholic. Dan Whaley was one of the founding members of the Charles Napiers (my favourite Mondo Wray instrumental band) and currently plays guitar, bass or ukelele in at least six different bands. As co-ordinator of the PRS focus group he gave me my first break in competitive top fiving. Here's Dan's list of favourite Dutch artists.

1) Piet Mondriaan

It was the Mondriaan-styled drumkit and shirt Alec Palao bashed and sported in The Sting Rays that first introduced me to this fantastic artist. His series of black line/primary colour square paintings from the 1920s are so incredibly visually powerful (and years ahead of their time). When I lived in Amsterdam, there was a Mondriaan-styled houseboat moored round the corner from my flat - Really, who wouldn't want to live in this?

2) M.C. Escher

As a child I used to spend most of December recreating this Escher self portrait with a bauble.

3) Theo van Doesburg

Not a million miles from Mondriaan...

4) Hieronymus Bosch

"You can take them flowers and shove 'em up your arse"

5) Herman Brood

Not that I knew it at the time, but apparently the night before Brood committed suicide he was sitting next to me and my mate Pete in a bar in Amsterdam. Could our inane conversation have been the last straw that led to him jumping off the roof of the Hilton? I do sincerely hope not.


LearningByReading said...

Escher's work continues to astound! His pieces with the water that has to be flowing uphill has no parallel!
Thank you!

Steve Tyrrell said...

Nice inaugural guest top 5 Dave. Spot on no 1 with Mondriaan as he's influenced virtually all my favourite designee things. Saw some Bosch in Madrid recently, weird shit if you look too close.

Unknown said...

For me you missed the excellent Pieter Jansz Saenredam

I have never seen space displayed so beatifully by a painter.

Unknown said...

Haha, I love this blog. Came across it by searching dutch art into google. I've been curious to myself of different cultures and their art. The Dutch seem to have a very calm, but humorous way of expressing their art. I've heard of Herman Brood a little myself, and quite love his art and music. When somebody says "Pop Art" I think of Herman Brood.

Chopper said...

Thanks Ashlee glad you like the blog. You've also reminded me I need to get Dan to do another guest top 5.