Friday 3 August 2007

Top 5 Football teams other than Fulham

Yes, I might get mullered for this depending who reads it but I do have to admit to having a soft spot for some other Football teams other than Fulham.

1. Kingstonian

2. Arsenal

3. Hibernian

4. Brighton & Hove Albion

5. Whatever team Mickey Adams is involved with (currently Colchester United)

Kingstonian - I was born in Kingston and everyone has to have a non-league team don't they? Really caught interest when they did quite well a few years back and culminated in them reaching the Conference. I actually saw them play at Wembley (they won the F.A. Trophy 1-0 against Forest Green Rovers) which is more than I've managed with Fulham. They've fallen on harder times more recently but I still keep an eye out for their results.

Arsenal - They played in the first two F.A. Cups that I really remember watching and I was also lured in further when collecting my first Panini sticker album. Lost a lot of my interest when Willie Young viciously scythed down little Paul Allen in the 1980 Cup Final, but then regained my interest when Mr Wenger turned them into one of the most attractive teams I had ever seen. Oh, and I read Fever Pitch about then too. All this has resulted (in some unconscious way) to my eldest, Ben, becoming a Arsenal supporter. At four he was already taking a big interest in Football and wanted to follow a team, with red being his favourite colour I could see him being drawn to the perils of Man Utd and Liverpool so had to take action. I never realised that it would stick quite so solidly. Damn, if only I'd thought of Charlton!

Hibernian - My Scottish team. Mainly a result of George Best moving on to play for them after he'd left Fulham. Been up to Easter Road to see them play, managing through some fluke of luck to get a ticket for the Edinburgh derby against Hearts about 1/2 hour before kick off.

Brighton & Hove Albion - Partly a result of No. 5 (see below) and the numbers of ex-Fulham that have played for them recently. Also always enjoyed the trip down there and like the fact they are sponsored by Skint (a Brighton record company) which must be the most appropriate sponsor in all football.

Colchester United - Micky Adams deserves so much credit for turning around Fulham, and I really believed he was going to go on and be a big success in management. Hasn't turned out that way so far but you never know. Last year it was Coventry this year he's first team coach at Colchester. Come on you U's.

A quick mention for West Ham United who would almost certainly have made this list prior to Tevez-gate. I've already covered my interest in the Hammers in my post about how I became a Fulham fan on The Hammy End Chronicle but as it stands, and partly due to the Premier League's bungling, I don't feel much sympathy for them at all.

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