Friday, 23 September 2011

Top 5 Bands named after fabric

A quick topic this week for no particular reason other than it made me happy. I was listening to Marc Riley a few weeks back and he played Corduroy's cover of Motorhead by Motorhead. I think it's a great name and it got my mind thinking.

1. Denim - Nineties Glam Rock revivalists formed by Lawrence from Felt.

2. Suede - Bowie influenced Brit-Pop upstarts.

3. Felt - Eighties Indie band who released 10 albums & 10 singles in 10 years. Led by Lawrence from Denim.

4. The Chiffons - All girl vocal group from the early sixties.

5. Corduroy - Nineties acid-jazz quartet.

Thanks to those of you on Twitter that helped me find a few more.

Black Lace - Novelty euro-pop horrors.
Cotton Mather - Indie rock outfit from Austin, Texas.
Denim - American party rock band from the early seventies
Nylon - Apparently Iceland's most successful, singer/songwriter girl-band.
The Nylons - Canadian a capella group
Poly-Esther - Possibly just a 5olly joke but I did find a brief mention of a Canadian band with this name. (UPDATE: It wasn't a joke he meant this band The Polly Esthers, check 'em out and let me know what you think)
Silk - American R&B group from Atlanta, Georgia
Cheryl Tweedy - Maiden name of former Girls Aloud singer
Wool - melodic punk-rock band from Washington D.C.



Anonymous said...

Gah did i spell it wrong?

They're also to be found on iTunes.

Maria said...

Your post made me think of such bands as
- Velvet Underground
- Plaid
- Leather Strip

Chopper said...

I did deliberately leave out the Velvet Underground, though can't remember why now. Forgot about Plaid though - good choice.

Smitty in Minneapolis said...

You forgot the Five Satins and the Orlons. Two rather good groups

Chopper said...

Excellent, I don’t know either but will check them out.

Unknown said...

The Orlons, who sang Don't Hang Up. Orlon is a polyester.