Friday, 18 April 2008

Top 5 "Ukulele Man" Videos from YouTube

I have no musical talent of any sort and despite having long held the desire to play guitar I've never had the patience or the aptitude to actually do so. I'm 40 in June and had set myself the target of finally learning (nothing fancy, just a couple of songs with a few basic chords) by the time I reached that milestone. It's not going well. However, should I fail, I may just go out and buy a Ukulele instead. My friend John introduced me to these YouTube clips by the Ukulele Man (Gus) and his pal. There are over 40 currently available, these are my favourites but pretty much every single one is great. Enjoy.

1. Jack The Ripper - Link Wray

2. Down Down - Status Quo

3. Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones

4. Get Carter theme - Roy Budd

5. Ruby - Kenny Rogers

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