Friday, 21 November 2008

Top 5 Bad Album Covers

There's something special about poorly designed album covers. Some great websites if you want to see more, the original Museum of Bad Album Covers is a treasure trove of tat but also check out Cover Browser's Worst Album Cover section. These are my current favourite five though disappointingly I don't own any of them ... yet.

1. Freddie Gage "All My Friends Are Dead" - I would love to have been at the meeting when they decided this was going to be a good cover to go with. Though any artist who is happy to release an album with that sort of title must have serious issues. It's not even a good shade of blue.

2. John Bult "Julie's Sixteenth Birthday" - Wrong on so many levels.

3. Ken "By Request Only" - I seriously doubt it Ken.

4. Millie Jackson "Back to the S--t" - This would have been a good discussion too.

5. The Scorpions "Animal Magnetism" - Kings of the bad cover, check out "Virgin Killer" to see something in really poor taste. This one manages to be poorly executed and offensive at the same time.

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This is fantastic!