Friday 19 December 2008

Top 5 Danny Wallace projects

A slightly delayed Top 5 this weeks thanks to the perils of Alcohol. Tomorrow sees the release of "Yes Man" the Hollywood adaption of Danny Wallace's book of the same name. It stars Jim Carrey so I suspect it will be crap, but that's not the point. Danny Wallace has been making me laugh ever since I caught "The Dave Gorman Collection" on BBC2.

1. "Join Me" (Book) - In which Danny sets up and becomes the head of his own cult (well collective), The Karma Army and the principle of random acts of kindness and Good Fridays swung into life. I'm yet to receive an unexpected pint from a Joinee but have increasingly spent longer down the pub on a Friday to give them the opportunity.

2. "Are You Dave Gorman?" (Book of the TV Series of the Comedy Performance) - Whilst it was the TV show that first caught my eye, Danny's contribution, other than suggesting the whole thing during a drunken bet, is more obvious in the book. In many ways I guess this has set the template for pretty much everything Danny and Dave have done since, but it still makes me laugh.

3. "Yes Man" (Book) - Danny decides to say yes more often. In fact he decides to say Yes to everything.

4. "How To Start Your Own Country" (TV Series) - In which Danny attempts to turn his one-bedroom flat in the East End of London into an independent state. He gets his own flag, invades Britain, draws up a constitution, and forms a government out of his friends and neighbours.

5. "The Danny Wallace Radio Show" (XFM) - A four hour Saturday afternoon show that was the aural equivalent of a quiet afternoon spent in the village pub. It's dropped off the schedule at the moment and I'm not sure if it'll be back (Danny's probably too busy hob-knobbing with Hollywood big wigs) but it was fun while it lasted.

Might be back with a Christmas themed top 5 next Friday, if all goes to plan. If not Happy Crimbo and a very Merry New Year.

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