Friday, 20 February 2009

Top 5 Songs of 2008

Completing my round up of all that was fab in 2008 here's my favourite songs of the year. Always a bit tricky to pin down as the songs that stick in my mind aren't necessarily ones that end up on the albums that I buy but I like having the opportunity to talk about songs I probably wouldn't do otherwise.

1. Jim Jones Revue "Rock n Roll Psychosis" - The JJR really rocked my world in 2008. As I've probably already said, they're loud and raucous and impossible to ignore. This was the lead single of the album and as good a start point as any for someone wanting to know what they sound like.

2. Adele "Hometown Glory" - I'm not sure what history will say about Adele, but there's no doubt she can sing. There's a mass of female singers with major label backing around at the moment and it can be hard to pick out the genuinely decent artists from the ones with a half decent voice and expensive production. "Hometown Glory" is the song that made me think Adele is the genuine article.

3. The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name" - This is a bit trashy and almost certainly the only thing of value The Ting Tings will ever release. It's damn catchy though and almost impossible not to sing along with in the car (or on the bus for that matter!).

4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" - Mr Cave took his Grinderman influence back to the Bad Seeds for the album of the same name and this track stood out as the best of the set.

5. Vampire Weekend "A-Punk" - Quite a lot of Indie rock bands to waste my time on. MGMT, Okkervil River and Death Cab for Cutie all competed for my attention. Deep down I know this is exactly the sort of music I'll love for 2 months and hate in a year but I can't help myself. I blame my parent's record collection and my formative years being shaped by a combination of The Beatles, The Carpenters, Abba and The New Seekers. I've come to accept a predilection to enjoying bright and breezy poppy rock bands ... however briefly it lasts.


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