Friday, 13 February 2009

Top 5 Gigs of 2008

Managed fourteen gigs last year, all good nights. Near misses included The Godfathers & The Jim Jones Revue at Islington Academy, Youthmovies at Kingston Fighting Cocks, The (legendary) Sonics at The Forum and the Black Lips at the 100 Club.

1. The Dirtbombs (University of London Union) - OK, so I was a fairly sozzled by the time they reached the stage. An afternoon in the pub followed by a few at the venue had me in a very good mood and ensured I spent most of the time pogoing like a maniac. The Dirtbombs would make my top five current live acts and I'd recommend seeing them at every opportunity.

2. A Silver Mt. Zion (Scala) - Post rock live isn't always the most enthralling of prospects but ASMZ continue to amaze me with every tour. This was the best show I've seen them do and the last few have all been excellent as well.

3. British Sea Power (Koko) - A packed out Koko and BSP at the height of their powers, built to a magnificent conclusion with the guitarist Noble climbing the walls.

4. Les Savy Fav (Astoria) - First time I'd seen them live and they lived up to their reputation. It's all about front man Tim Harrington who really steals the show spending as much time in the audience as he does on stage. An icon for fat bald blokes everywhere.

5. Johnny Foreigner/Dananananaykroyd/William (Madame Jo Jo's) - A triple bill of new Indie bands which provided another, slightly alcohol fuelled, great night out. William and Jo Fo were decent enough but it was Dananananaykroyd who stole the show. Another sweaty night for me including being right in the middle of the "wall of cuddles". Top time.


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