Friday, 6 March 2009

Top 5 Most Played Songs on my iPod

Something a bit different this week to celebrate the completion of a musical challenge I began back in August 2008. I've now listened to all 3512 songs on my iPod in alphabetical order of song title. It was like a massive shuffle with absolutely no repeats. I'm pleased that for the most part I enjoyed every song and there were only a few albums I felt the need to remove having finished. These then are the songs that I have played more than any other.

1. "Neighbourhood #3: Power Out" Arcade Fire (37)

2. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" Death Cab For Cutie (25)

3. "Going Missing" Maximo Park (24)

4. "Hold Me In The River" Brakes (22)

5. "The Lowest Bitter" Les Savy Fav (21)

Which is all embarrassingly indie-centric. I guess these all come from albums I have really loved in the last couple of years. The Arcade Fire would have claimed a clean sweep, with tracks from "Funeral", had I not restricted each artist to one song. I'm looking forward to adding some new music to the Pod and having a free choice in what to play.

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