Friday, 3 April 2009

Top 5 Muppets

I can remember the first time I ever saw the Muppets. A boring evening at one of my Uncles was transformed by an explosion of colour and a show that seemed to be "The Good Old Days" for kids. I was clearly drawn to the under-dog characters. The great Gonzo being fired from a cannon and ignored by everyone, Fozzie's jokes failing miserably to raise a laugh and Beaker's realisation of impending doom from the inevitable explosion he was about to face. Maybe I feel some empathy with these characters but then I also found Waldorf and Statler's acerbic wit just as funny. Animal? He's just cool.

1. Gonzo

2. Waldorf and Statler

3. Animal

4. Beaker

5. Fozzie Bear


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