Thursday, 6 August 2009

Top 5 Wombles

Flicking through the channels the other day we stumbled across an episode of the Wombles. A great opportunity to show the boys what "proper kids television" is all about we thought. But no! This was a nineties remake and hugely disappointing in comparison to my memories of the seventies original. Based on the stories of Elisabeth Beresford the BBC show (which ran from 1973-1975) was directed by children's television legend Ivor Wood. Wood was a stop motion animator who also created The Magic Roundabout (with Serge Danot), The Herbs, Paddington and Postman Pat. The Wombles were all voiced by Bernard Cribbins and had a theme tune so catchy I can still remember every word. They went on to release their own album (a record that might have been the first that I owned) and even appeared on Top of The Pops with the Womble costumes filled by a host of rock legends.

1. Tobermory

2. Orinoco

3. Wellington

4. Great Uncle Bulgaria

5. Madame Cholet


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