Saturday, 5 September 2009

Top 5 Indian Curry dishes

The school summer holidays are all but over and I've completely failed to build up a stock pile of top fives to kick start me on the weekly routine again. Think it could be a while before I've found enough time to get something decent written but I'm fed up with seeing the Wombles at the top of the page so here's a quicky on my favourite currys.

1. Chicken Dhansak - My new favourite curry. Chicken and lentils in a rich spicy sauce that gives a medium heat and slightly sweet taste.

2. Chicken Jalfrezi - Former number one which is about as hot as I can take. You can at least leave a few chillis if you're struggling.

3. Chicken Korai - Sizzling sauted chicken with onions. Good choice if you don't fancy a sauce.

4. Lamb Rogan Josh - It's not often I don't pick Chicken but this is a classic curry that is great for a bit of a change.

5. Chicken Tikka Masala - The first proper curry dish I ever tried.



LBNo11 said...

Dave, try a 'Methi Chicken - or Methi Gosht (mutton) methi is the leaf from the fenugreek plant, but it adds so much flavour. Not hot at all - but lots of authentic flavour. If it is not shown on the menu, ask if they will make one...

Meena said...

I love dhansak too! However, you havent tried my own lamb curry! ;-)

Chopper said...

Ed - Cheers for the tip, I'll definitely give that a go.

Meena - Do you deliver? :o)