Thursday, 12 November 2009

Top 5 Peanuts characters

I'm reading the Andrew Collins book "Where Did It All Go Right". It's based on diaries he kept as a boy growing up in Northampton in the seventies. Quite amusing in parts and filled with great nostalgic detail about a time when I was a similar age. He briefly mentions a list of his favourite Peanuts characters (the cartoon by Charles M. Schulz for those who don't know). It brought back some memories for me and had the inevitable result ...

1. Linus

2. Schroeder

3. Woodstock

4. Snoopy

5. Lucy van Pelt

I think there's a little of Linus in all of us. No place for Charlie Brown but without him none of these characters would have any meaning.

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LBNo11 said...

Linus will always be No1 for me...