Friday, 16 July 2010

Top 5 Thunderbirds

Bit short on time again this week so I needed a topic that was quick and easy. Couldn't get much more straightforward than my favourite Thunderbirds, there being only five to choose from. OK, I know there was a Thunderbird 6 used in the film of the same name but it only had one outing and was actually a tiger moth biplane.

1. Thunderbird 2 - Not the most streamlined design but unlike any vehicle I'd ever seen. Thunderbird 2 was nearly always the most important part of any rescue and had a brilliant, palm tree bending, take-off sequence.

2. Thunderbird 4 - A close second, Thunderbird 4 was the most compact member of the fleet. It's outings were rare but that only increased my love of the little yellow submersible.

3. Thunderbird 3 - Alan Tracey's trips to Thunderbird 5 were few and far between but always great to see this bright red space rocket blast out of the middle of Tracey island.

4. Thunderbird 1 - TB1 may have been fast but having arrived at the rescue scene first Scott would nearly always have to wait for TB2 to turn up and actually do the job. Lacked the style of TB3 and looked a bit awkward in flight.

5. Thunderbird 5 - Poor old John Tracy got the rough end of the deal stuck alone on TB5 for most of the year. The space station displayed few signs of having any thunder and was pushing it a little to be described as a bird.



Anonymous said...

Just read your fabulous thunderbirds blog. Thunderbirds number 1 should have been in first place followed by thunderbird 2.

Jeff said...

Sorry, disagree with Anonymous, TB2 in top spot is the right choice. I would drop TB5 and substitute Lady P's roller above TB3.