Friday, 22 March 2013

Top 5 Songs about Frogs

It's been a week of stress. Work has been busy on many fronts and the week has disappeared all too quickly. Then our boiler, which has conducted an almost sentient vendetta against us since we moved in to our current house some ten years ago, sprang a leak so I awoke to the sound of water dripping through our ceiling ... via the light fittings. I'm feeling a bit strained, and I think I just put four sugars in my coffee. Anyway, this is all just a roundabout way of explaining that I needed a quick and quirky top five topic this week and was inspired by my friend MaRaineyBlues' attempts to list all her favourite frog related songs for Cerys Matthews' 6music show this Sunday. If I'm honest I just nicked most of these of Ma's list. No words to explain just play dem tunes.

1. The Jim Jones Revue "Princess and the Frog"

2. Floyd Newman "Frog Stomp"

3. Louis Armstrong "Leap Frog"

4. Walter Beasley "Toad Frog Blues"

5. Flaming Lips "Frogs"



The Equalizer said...

What no Rupert?

Chopper said...

HaHa - Funnily enough MaRainy is a bit of a fan of that Macca song. I couldn't bring myself to include it.

Mark said...

What no Frog Chorus !!!