Friday, 1 March 2013

Top 5 Songs of 2013 - January/February

I don't know if 2013 has gotten off to an unusally productive start but I've noticed a lot of new music that I've really enjoyed. I figured this might give me a quick top five every couple of months and make doing my top five songs of the year a lot easier too, so, here's the first of a possibly recurring series.

1. Low "Plastic Cup" - Low just seem to get better and better. This has an amazing lyric about what future generations might think if they discovered a plastic cup, a melody that melts your heart and some sumptuous harmonies.

2. Hot Feet "Wood House" - Really catchy little folk-rock tune from an marvellous EP that you can for under a fiver at Hot Feet's BandCamp site.

SoundCloud - Wood House

3. Teleman "Cristina" - Formed from the ashes of Pete & The Pirates, who with my usual sense of timing I got into about a week after they split up, this has all the hallmarks of that former band.

4. Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation "It Takes All Sorts" - This is a cracking song made all the better by their brilliant band name/song title combination. REPTILES!

SoundCloud - It Takes All Sorts

5. B.C. Camplight "Grim Cinema" - The title track from the forthcoming (if not already out) LP, which I loved when he played it in session for Marc Riley.


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