Friday, 24 April 2015

Chop's Gigs - March 2015

Oops! Normally get these round up links to my gig blog done a little earlier in the month but I guess I got distracted by songs about weather. For some reason all the bands I saw this month had purple light shows.

Hookworms at The Oval Space on Saturday 21st March 2015 - I wasn't expecting a lively crowd, I had my specs on instead of my contacts, but I couldn't resist getting involved with the lively element of the crowd. I love a bouncy gig and once I was down the front I was set for the rest of the night. Radio Tokyo kicked in with an even quicker drum beat and things got really lively. It was a nice crowd though, no aggressive moshing just a bunch of kids (and an old bloke wearing specs) having some fun.

Sleater-Kinney at The Roundhouse on Monday 23rd March 2015 - With my impeccable sense of timing I didn't get into Sleater-Kinney until shortly after The Woods was released and shortly before they announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus. I loved The Woods and used the last 10 years to get the rest of their back catalogue. They were firmly established at the top of my list of bands I wanted to see live when out of the blue they released the Bury Our Friends single.

Bo Ningen at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Tuesday 31st March 2015 - Bo Ningen were amazing the last time I saw them and tonight is no different. It's a brilliant set, frantic and intense from the start, the band are so tight live they must be one of the very best bands currently touring.

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