Friday, 10 April 2015

Collaborative Top Five - Songs About Weather

I've been writing this blog for almost eight years now but have slacked off a bit in the last year with actual Top Fives. I've got loads of topics I want to write but never quite enough time to do them justice. To reinvigorate things I thought I could try and get more people involved.

Interactive top fives are my plan. I used to participate in a monthly top five vote run by some people I knew at the PRS. That kind of kick started my obsession with top fives and I miss the interaction and the chance to see what other people chose for each topic. I'm not completely certain how successful this will be but figured I'd give it a try while my own top fives are thin on the ground.

The inaugural interactive topic is Top 5 Songs about Weather.

Send me your nominations, by next Friday 17th April, via the comments link below or on Twitter @Chops_Top_Fives or in the pub and I'll construct a massive list for us all to vote on.

It's gonna be fun.


Shuft said...

1. Vapor Trails - Rush
2. Heavy Metal Thunder - Saxon
3. Rain - Status Quo
4. Smokestack Lightning - (Howling Wolf) But George Thorogood version.
5. When the Sun goes down - Joe Bonamassa.

Dan Whaley said...

Tornado - Dale Hawkins
Hurricane - The Prisoners
A Rainy Nght in Soho - The Pogues
Flash Flood - The Woggles
You Are My Sunshine - Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Gene Vincent, etc, etc...

Chopper said...

Thanks Dan & Shuft, great picks both.

Might need an independent invigilator to decide if vapor is strictly weather related though!

Shuft said...

Hmm. See your point, but the Encyclopedia Britannica mentions in it's description of vapour trails, the words - cold, humid air, condensation, relative humidity, ice crystals & can form a layer of cirrus cloud. I'd swing towards a yes (but then I would!). If I can't have then - Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) but Nazareth's version.

Chopper said...

That works for me, think we can include it as a form of cloud :-)

Caroline said...

Here goes...
15 Feet of a Pure White Snow - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Avalanche - Leonard Cohen (or Nick & the BS's again)
Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
Hickory Wind - Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris
Who Loves the Sun - The Velvet Underground

Title track: About the Weather by Magazine

Or you could have anything by Johnny Thunders!

Chopper said...

Oh, that's a great five. Thanks Caroline.