Sunday, 29 July 2007


As if writing one Blog wasn't enough I've decided to write another one. As its title implies this is just a collection of my Top 5 favourite's. I'm a bit of a list-aholic and have always kept lists to remind me what I need to do, what records or books I want to buy, what films I want to see and this naturally (being a bloke) led to me developing lists of my favourites. A while back, through mutual friends, I also got involved in something called The Focus Group which was a weekly music related Top 5 topic based largely out of the PRS. This took my list making to new levels and for a long time dominated my weekly thoughts (more often than not when I should have been doing something far more important - "Honey, can you fix that leaking tap in the bathroom?", "In a minute, I'm just trying to work out what my Top 5 favourite Cuban instrumentals are!"). Anyway having been writing about Fulham F.C. (The Hammy End Chronicle) for over a year now, I have an overwhelming desire to start talking about music and books and films and ... biscuits! So this it it. My outlet for nonsense. In trying to name this Blog I realised there are loads of similar ones out there already. If you're searching through them as well then look no further, the others aren't very good this one is. It might not get updated every day but when it does it will be worth a look. Oh, and if you want to add your own Top 5's for each topic then please do so, use the comments link at the bottom of each post.


Jeff said...

Dave, Not sure this is the right place for this but I'm told you'd like some ideas for Top 5s.

So here's some suggestions:
- Top 5 England Managers
- Top 5 FA Cup upsets
- Top 5 Gerry Anderson TV series
- Top 5 Dr Who Assistants
- Top 5 Movie Trilogies
- Top 5 Chocolate biccies
- Top 5 Pubs 2000s, 1990s etc...

Have fun....

Chopper said...

Some good ideas Jeff - one or two I've got "in development" already.