Sunday, 29 July 2007

Top 5 Biscuits

A nice easy topic to get things started. There's nothing quite like a sit down in the afternoon with a cup of tea and a nice biscuit. Here's my current top 5 tea drinking accompaniments.

1. Custard Cream

2. Digestive

3. Jammy Dodger (Fox's Jam Cream to be precise)

4. Hob Knob

5. Ginger Nut

The custard cream has long held on to the number 1 slot in this list, there is never not a good time to have a custard cream, the only problem is that one is inevitably followed by "just one more", then "a couple just to fill me up", then "one last one then". The traditional digestive is a marvellous biscuit to eat with tea as long as you can avoid the dangers of it collapsing into the bottom of your mug if you're dunking. The Jammy Dodger is the glamour boy of the list. Note I am very specifically referring to the Jam Cream here not the "johnny-come-lately" brand named jammy dodger which only has jam in it and misses the point completely. The Hob Knob faces similar dunking issues as the digestive. Finally the Ginger Nut is a more recent addition to the Top 5, a sign I think that I am getting older, it is probably the premier dunking biscuit as it suffers no "potential collapse" issues and is so dry it's almost not worth considering consuming unless you are going to dunk it. Got than spicy aftertaste as well which is good, and also, and this is a good thing for my waist line, I can probably only eat about three in one sitting.


Chopper said...

A couple of things I forgot. Firstly if you also enjoy a nice cup of tea and a biscuit then this book Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down is worth a read.

Secondly I failed to mention the much underrated Rich Tea. It was a tough choice but in the end I felt there wasn't room for both the digestive and the rich tea in the same list. Its a top contender though and much like the ginger nut one which is almost impossible to enjoy without a good cuppa.

Anonymous said...

I seem to have grown out of biscuits with age, but:

5: Hob-nob. It's star shone briefly but very brightly. I can't stand the things now but it was love at first sight and for a time they were IT.

4: ginger nuts. It's just a good biscuit, BUT you can also crumble it in custard, which gets it onto the list above other good biscuits.

3: chocolate digestives. There's nothing like that sludge you can make in your mouth if you eat these really slowly. Yes, it really is just a mixture of saliva and biscuit, but birds do this so it's not unnatural or anything. What? Oh. Anyway.

2. Penguin. For the simple reason that I have undoubtedly eaten more of these than any other biscuit in my lifetime. I practically grew up on them, and took a whole packet out with me on my friday evening paper round as a lad.

1: A rhubarb and custard biscuit that has not yet been invented! Seriously. It could be incredible. You'd have a light, crunchy base, with a sliver of custard, some rhubarb, a bit more custard, and then a biscuit roof! Seriously.

Rich (off to the kitchen)